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15 Reasons to Attend Trade School

15 Reasons to Attend Trade School

In 2018, according to Finances Online, 34% of students stated that fees and tuition were their main concerns when applying to college programs. If you live on campus at a 4-year school, the average cost is about $24,300! Going to school doesn’t require this much or take this long. Have you thought about attending a...

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)

What Is the FAFSA? All Your Questions, Answered!

Going to college is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it also represents a huge financial commitment. The average cost of college in the US was $20,770 for in-state public universities, $40,940 for out-of-state public universities, and $46,950 for private universities each year.  Of course, most people don’t just have that type of money...

trade school scholarships

9 Tips to Getting Trade School Scholarships

There are plenty of reasons for you to continue to invest in your education as an adult. You deserve to make the most of your life and your profession. If you’re ready and willing to take the next step in your education, you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place by reading this article....

trade school tuition

5 Valuable Tips on How to Pay Trade School Tuition

Attending a trade school provides several benefits. These include shorter programs than universities and typically a lower cost of attendance over the length of the program of study or degree. Moreover, skilled trade workers earn good salaries and have great job security. Unfortunately, some students are still put off by the cost of trade school....