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If you are a current CAMPUS BASED STUDENT attending the ETP, HVAC, MA, PT, or ADCS, your instruction is available to you ONLINE.  You will receive an email or phone call with your online orientation schedule and instructions on your live lectures and course assignments and submissions.  ETP and HVAC Hybrid students will not attend campus sessions on March 21st and March 28, 2020. Current “fully online” students and programs are not affected. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from governmental authorities. For more information, please call 1-877-227-3377.

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A Pharmacy Technician works intimately with a licensed pharmacist to facilitate the increasing demands of patients needs in pharmaceuticals. A properly trained and well-educated technician will work directly with the public, meeting and greeting patients to establish records; communicate findings through industry-driven computer software; have a working knowledge of prescriptions, as well as the body and its functions; and process medication requests meticulously and with confidence.

The demand for Pharmacy Technicians is projected to grow much faster than the national average for most occupations 25 percent and higher over the next decade, with a previously stated employment in 2008 of over 381,000 individuals!*

Pharmacy technician

The exclusive Pharmacy Technician Program at InterCoast prepares you with the educational tools necessary to become a qualified Pharmacy Technician. As a graduate, you will be readied to take the PTCB exam and gain entrance to a field where mere work becomes a satisfying career and the potential for consistent income for you!

What can I expect to learn in the Pharmacy Technician Education Program?

This fully accredited program is designed to provide students like you with or without prior experience in the field of Pharmacy Technician with a complete, formal educational program that meets and exceeds certification standards. This will prepare you to become a marketable professional who is able to competently comply with requirements in the pharmaceutical profession, providing excellent service to the general public.

In the Pharmacy Technician Program, you will delve into in-depth instruction that is evolving from the role of making transactions at the pharmacy, to filling prescriptions with preciseness. All instruction will be given in the comfortable surroundings of an InterCoast campus and in the presence of instructors who care to teach you their best so that you may give your best to your employer and society in return.

You will be skilled in a number of job-related tasks associated with the pharmacy that may assist you in:

  • Filling and verifying prescription requests.
  • Counting, measuring, and bottling tablets.
  • Preparing medications to dispense according to instructions.
  • Maintaining pharmacy inventory and security of drugs.
  • Creating prescription labels and completing dosage forms.
  • Keeping patient records and confidentiality.
  • Understanding and submitting insurance claim forms.
  • Handling transactions involving monetary exchanges.
  • Staying focused and professional in a demanding environment.
pharmacy technician

pharmacist technician

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