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Military Spouse (MyCAA) Education Programs

Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Programs, known as MyCAA was designed to provide financial assistance to military spouses who wished to pursue a portable career. We are honored as a school to have programs that are available to military spouses. If your spouse is on active duty in page grades: E1-E5, W1-W2, O1-O2, including the spouses of active Guard and Reserve members within those ranks then you could qualify for MyCAA military spouse funding. The program is capped at $2000 per fiscal year with a maximum allowance of $4000. These funds can be applied to the tuition cost of your career training program at InterCoast. Contact our Military Division today at 877.227.3377 to learn more about if you qualify for MyCAA funding and receive a career planning session.

Starting your MyCA programs at InterCoast is easy, follow the steps below:
  1. Fill out your online application by clicking here
  2. Go through the DEERS Eligibility Check
  3. Once approved you will receive notification from InterCoast about eligible military spouses
  4. A representative from the InterCoast Military Department will contact you and help you upload your classes to begin.