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Solar Installation Hybrid Program

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Transform Your Future in 16 Weeks!

Join our Solar Installation program and become a specialist in installing and maintaining cutting-edge solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Solar Installation program is designed to prepare individuals to specialize in installing and maintaining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Deploying safe, reliable solar energy systems requires a skilled workforce that is properly trained to design and install these technologies. Additionally, maintaining these systems across decades of expected operation requires experienced technicians who can identify and address any safety or performance issues. Upon completion of all requirements, the student will be awarded a Certificate.

What You Will Learn:

Technical Expertise: Gain hands-on skills in assembling, installing, and maintaining solar PV systems, adhering to site assessments and schematics.

Practical Application: Master the art of measuring, cutting, assembling, and bolting structural framing and solar modules, with opportunities for minor electrical work.

This program will prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills to assemble, install, or maintain solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs or other structures in compliance with site assessment and schematics. May include measuring, cutting, assembling, and bolting structural framing and solar modules. Graduates may perform minor electrical work such as current checks.

Your Career Path:

The goal of this program is to prepare students for entry level employment in any of the related areas of the trade such as Installer, Photovoltaic Installer (PV Installer), PV Design Technician (Photovoltaic Design Technician), Solar Designer, Solar Installer, Solar Installer Technician, Solar Photovoltaic Installer (Solar PV Installer), Solar Technician.

Program Structure:

Comprehensive Curriculum: A blend of lectures, lab work, and practical exposure.

Courses Include:

  – SOL101: General Solar Installation

  – SOL102: Solar Fundamentals and Components

  – SOL103: Electrical Theory

  – SOL104: Conduit and Enclosures

Total Credits: Earn up to 16 academic credits through a blend of lecture and laboratory hours.

Our Facilities:

Program-Specific Supplies: Access to a well-equipped solar lab at each campus, providing all necessary training materials.

Classroom and Lab Equipment: Equipped with tables, chairs, whiteboards, projectors, and a computer lab.

Certificate of Completion:

Upon fulfilling all requirements, graduates receive a Certificate, symbolizing their readiness to impact the solar industry.

  • If you are interested in the hybrid program, please select the nearest campus.