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Hire an InterCoast graduate. InterCoast graduates have the qualities, skills and academic preparation necessary to make a difference. Post a job opening with InterCoast and the Career Services Department will go to work, finding you, the employer, the best possible candidates. There is no fee to the employer or graduate for placement assistance services.

Job Placement

The Career Services Department will match the right graduate to fit your company’s needs and environment. Save time and money by not having to place a “Help Wanted” ad and go through the candidate screening process. By contacting your local InterCoast campus, you can post your opening for free and receive qualified graduate resumes immediately. Many of our graduates are quickly promoted from entry-level positions to supervisory roles.

Externship Program

InterCoast understands the importance of hands-on training. The externship experience provides an opportunity for both employers and students. Non-Paid externships are available for many of InterCoast’s programs of study. Externships are an excellent way to recruit, screen and train potential permanent employees at no cost before making an employment commitment.

Hire an InterCoast Graduate Today

The Central Mission of InterCoast is to provide an educational career program designed to prepare students to succeed in the medical, legal, technical and business industries by enabling them to meet the highest expectations of employers for entry level professions. As an educational leader, InterCoast trains individuals to make a positive impact on employers. InterCoast graduates can get the work done, have refined work habits, strong interpersonal communication skills, self-discipline, and confidence.

Send us Your Job Openings

Employers may send any current job openings to the Career Services Department by filling this form or emailing us at

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