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Active Duty Army, National Guard and Army Reserve Tuition Assistance Process

If you are currently in the Army on active duty, Army Reservist or National Guard then you may qualify for tuition assistance to help pay for your education at InterCoast. As a military friendly school, we are here to make sure your experience at InterCoast lives up to your expectations. Contact our Military Department today at 877.227.3377 to learn more about your qualifications.

To begin your application process follow the steps below:
  1. First begin your application process at InterCoast
  2. Visit and create a new account
  3. Click on “Request TA” and fill in the online application
  4. Select InterCoast College as the school you’ll be attending
  5. If you are an E7 or below you must get your SOU signed by your Commanding Officer.
  6. Upload your SOU into your account on
  7. You may not start your program at InterCoast until your TA has been approved.
  8. A representative from the InterCoast Military Department will contact you regarding your qualifications