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The Ultimate Guide To credit transfers at InterCoast Colleges

wondering about credit transfers at InterCoast

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Life happens! Wondering about credit transfers?

Maybe you had to take a couple of years off of school before finishing your certificate or college degree. Maybe you moved and had to transfer schools. Maybe you’ve already graduated from a program and decided to return to school.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve attended InterCoast or another accredited college in the past, you’ll be wondering about credit transfers.

With a credit transfer, students who have completed equivalent coursework at another college in the last five years will be able to receive credit for those courses at InterCoast. For example, a student who has taken an introductory-level accounting course at another college will often be able to transfer that credit to an equivalent course here at InterCoast. You put in the work, so naturally, you want to receive credit for it—saving yourself time and money in the process.

Here at InterCoast, we want to help you with that as much as we can. So here are our policies on credit transfers for InterCoast students:

  • If you attended InterCoast in the past but were unable to finish, you can transfer your credit to your current enrollment if you were an InterCoast student within the last five years. (Note: you can only transfer credits on classes you passed with a “C” or higher.)
  • If you attended another college and want to transfer to InterCoast, send us your transcripts and we’ll have to let you know which of your credits transfer. There is a five-year limit for these transfer credits.
  • If you’ve graduated from a business, mental health, or alcohol and drug counseling program you can transfer all your credits toward our related Associate’s degree programs. This will shorten the length of your coursework and lower your tuition. If this is your situation, there is no time limit to transfer your credits.

If you have credits to transfer, or if you are a former student coming back to us, contact the admissions department for consideration. Please contact us with any concerns or confusion you may have about the process. When you’re ready, send in your written request for a credit transfer by clicking here.

Many people leave school for financial reasons. If that’s your situation, or if you’re worried that you may not be able to attend college at all, InterCoast has financial aid programs for those who qualify. The process starts with your application for Federal Financial Aid. Click here to get started with your financial aid application. Once you complete that application, talk to your Admissions Representative. Your Admissions Representative will get you in touch with a tuition coordinator, who will help you through the rest of the financial aid process. You could have your financial aid package completed within 3 business days.

Here at InterCoast, we understand that life happens. That’s why we’re committed to helping you complete your education and get into the workforce as quickly and affordable as we can. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll have access to our job placement assistance program. It’s our commitment to helping you build the life you deserve.

If you have credits to transfer or need to talk to someone about financial aid, get in touch with the InterCoast admissions office today.

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