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Are You Considering Attending a Trade School?

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Are You Considering Attending a Trade School?

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With the skyrocketing cost of traditional college, many Americans are opting for trade school instead. Student loan debt is at crisis levels in the United States.

In fact, the average college graduate owes more than $37,000 in student loans. Stunningly, roughly 70 percent of graduates are burdened with substantial debt.

This is one of the many reasons why Americans are choosing vocational schools. Students who decide to attend trade schools usually have less debt and join the workforce much quicker than traditional college students.

Plus, vocational schools offer a specific curriculum that easily translates to the workforce. And, usually, class sizes are smaller so you get a more personalized educational experience than you would receive at a traditional college.  If you’re weighing education alternatives, read on to learn why a vocational school may be the best choice.

Trade School Is More Affordable

Trade SchoolThis is one of the biggest arguments in favor of trade schools. Traditional four-year colleges are far more expensive than trade schools.

For instance, the cost of a bachelor’s degree is up to $135,000. Vocational schools, on the other hand, cost approximately $33,000. And, even lower costs for certificate programs which prepare you to enter the workforce even faster. This means that the traditional college is four times more expensive.

On the financing side, over 44 million Americans hold significant student loans. In addition to the loan’s principal, the borrower also has to pay interest over the life of the loan. This can add thousands of dollars to college tuition.

College tuition is increasing every year. In 2005, the average monthly payment for student loans was approximately $227. Ten years later, the monthly payment is up to $393, which is 73 percent over the decade.

These costs are much lower if you elect to attend technical colleges. Advocates of traditional college argue that a four-year degree earns a higher salary. However, eliminating student loan costs is likely to offset a significant percentage of wages. And, when you are prepared to enter the workforce faster than attending a traditional four-year college, you can earn your salary even faster.

Trade Schools Yield a Degree Faster

This is another argument in favor of attending vocational schools. A traditional bachelor’s degree program takes at least four years. Students have taken longer than four years because they can’t get the classes they need to graduate.  And, in some cases, the college or university requires additional coursework or an internship that extends the program even further.

By entering the workforce sooner by attending a vocational school, you earn full-time wages quicker.

Envision accepting an electrical trainee or apprenticeship position after graduating from a technical school for $35,000 per year. If you enter the workforce two to three years sooner than a traditional college graduate, that could mean a $70,000 to $105,000 head start on earnings.

Specialized Skills That Are Difficult to Replace

Trade SchoolsThe American workforce is facing an existential threat from artificial intelligence. Additionally, corporations are shipping jobs overseas to exploit cheap labor.

In vocational schools, students learn hands-on skills that are hard to replicate. Because they are hands-on, these specific jobs are not lost to the global economy.

Lastly, there is still a healthy demand for blue-collar jobs in the United States. As the population grows older, many blue-collar jobs are left vacant. This means job security for those that acquired a trade.

Wrapping It Up

There are many benefits to choosing vocational schools over traditional colleges. Class sizes are typically smaller, and your training is focused on career readiness. You will be able to enter the workforce sooner and earn faster.

The jobs available to students are also usually secure from external threats like corporate relocation. For more information on the trade school program, please contact us for assistance.

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