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Recruitment: How a Vocational School Can Help You Land a Job After You Graduate

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When you are thinking about your future and your education, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right school. You might be looking at colleges that offer four-year degree programs, thinking that is your best option.

You likely think you will get a better job and possibly earn a higher income with a bachelor’s degree, but consider a vocational school because it also has a lot to offer. You can find many programs offered at a trade school, with many benefits.

If you are not considering looking at vocational programs for further education, there are many good reasons you should. You may be pleasantly surprised by what these schools can offer you.

Here are a few good reasons to consider vocational school over traditional college.


As you know, the cost of college can be prohibitive in the United States. While a four-year college degree can cost 80-100k or more, you can finish your trade school program for much less.

Unless you come from a wealthy family or receive a full scholarship, you are likely looking at student loans. Why be in debt for years, drowning in all that loan plus interest, when you can get great training from a vocational school for much less? The price of education continues to rise, actually putting it out of reach for many potential students. Many consider trade schools over traditional colleges for career and training choices.

Finish Your Training Faster

Another huge advantage to trade school training is that you are fast-tracked through. While a college spends a lot of time on theory, trade schools typically focus on what you will need in the job market.

Traditional colleges usually require outside courses from your main program to earn credits and complete your degree. These can be a lot of extra work and eat up your study time, and if you drop them or fail, you risk not graduating on time.

Trade school programs offer what you need and focus on real-life skills you will need to get the job you want. A trade school program is normally over a one to two-year period or less than a four-year program at a college.

Vocational School Has Smaller Classes

Sitting in a lecture hall with a hundred other students can make you feel like just another student. It’s easy to blend in and disappear, and it is easy to become distracted and bored.

The smaller classes at your technical school mean you are participating in the activity, get one-to-one training, and have the chance to ask questions. You will learn from your fellow students, and fewer people mean more time for you to learn technical skills, contribute, and grow.

This also means the training is more intense, and you can get down to what you need to know faster and clearer than competing with so many other people. You get hands-on experience all the time.

Vocational School Means Jobs

The best way to learn your trade is to do it. Trade schools are set up to give you hands-on training and experience. Whether it’s an HVAC technician or healthcare, you are given real-life situations and problem-solving opportunities you don’t get in a strictly academic setting.

When people go to traditional colleges for their education, they may be prepared for entry-level positions in their area, but learning from a trade school can give students enough training to start work where it matters.

Practical Training And Career-Focused

You will find that part of your program may include a practicum or externship segment. This is the perfect way to apply your new skills get real-life training, plus it is still a learning experience. As these are conducted in a controlled environment, you will receive feedback from your site supervisor, your school instructor, and perhaps other people in your workplace.

This type of training is invaluable, as it can lead to a position at your place right after graduation. Additionally, you could have a reference that could be an excellent addition to your resume before you even leave school.

Learn to Earn

You can start earning right out of graduation. You will have all the skills and hands-on training when you enter the job market and already have some contacts.

Because trade school training is usually job-specific, you don’t waste a lot of time learning many things you don’t need. Your training is pinpointed to what you want, the area you want, and is far more concentrated in your selected field, so you are ready to earn after graduation.

All Learning is Great

Vocational education is education, and getting out in the world and the workforce to put it to use is really what matters. It’s the whole point of going to higher education, to better your future. In fact, check out any classroom in a technical school, and you will find students there with a degree who realized they also need practical training, as well. Some students seek their four-year degree after trade school training too.

Get Your Trade on

One more advantage of vocational school training is that your training is usually focused on careers in demand which means you will have the skills that will never be out of fashion or obsolete. You can upgrade your skills as needed, but your training will lead you to work in the field.

Furthering your education is always a great idea, so check out a trade school first if you have your heart set on a particular occupation. You may be pleasantly surprised to find you can get your training in the trades or healthcare faster, for a lot less money, and still come out with a job.

For more information or to get started, contact us. We are always here to help. (*externships and online not available for all programs at ICC)

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Anna Dwan
Anna Dwan
4 years ago

Very nice article. I am agree with all your points. Vocational schools prepare the students to handle the practical situations.

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