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15 Reasons to Attend Trade School

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In 2018, according to Finances Online, 34% of students stated that fees and tuition were their main concerns when applying to college programs. If you live on campus at a 4-year school, the average cost is about $24,300!

Going to school doesn’t require this much or take this long. Have you thought about attending a trade school? 

From mental health to business, you have options. Read on to explore the top reasons to attend trade school today!

1. Cost-Effective

You may be able to save money by attending trade school instead of a 4-year school because you usually attend for a shorter period, therefore often a lower total tuition amount. So, a vocational school could be a fraction of the cost of going for your Bachelor’s Degree. Those who attend trade school often don’t have to worry about paying for dorms either. 

2. Take Courses That Matter 

At a 4-year college, you’ll need to take numerous general education courses that have nothing to do with what you’re studying. When you’re attending trade school, there tends to be more focus on courses relevant to what you’re studying. 

You can also save money since you could finish trade school programs in less time. Depending on what you study, you might need to sit for a certification examination and then get started working.

Whereas, when you go for your Bachelor’s, you’ll need to study it for 4+ years depending on pre-requisites and then sit for necessary certification exams. On top of that, some will need to go for their Master’s or even Ph.D., depending on the field they select. If you go to a 4-year school, then you’ll need to worry about dorms on top of everything else, as well as different fees. 

3. Multiple Options

You can study various careers at a vocational school, which may give you great training selection options. Whether you’re looking for certification programs or an AAS program, you have options. 

Some of our programs include: 

  • AAS Business Administration
  • AAS Degree Cyber Security
  • HVAC Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies
  • And many more

4. Flexibility

Whether you’re a busy parent or don’t have time to attend in-person classes, specific programs can be completed online. Some examples include an AAS Degree in Cybersecurity, Business Office Administration, and Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician. 

Vocational programs could give you real-world experience and even career assistance support, including resume writing, interview techniques, professional dress, and how to land a career after graduation.   

Vocational schools can offer you convenient locations, certification opportunities for some programs, and courses that can fit your schedule. Whether you’re looking for weekend, morning, evening, or afternoon classes, you could have these options with some vocational schools. 

5. Financial Help

For those who qualify and for institutions that participate, you could receive Federal Financial Aid. It’ll be through the completion of the FAFSA that your eligibility will be determined, and some technical schools offer you a financial aid net price calculator. This shows you an estimate of your federal aid eligibility.  Suppose you need assistance in understanding the applications and navigating through the website. In that case, you can contact the financial aid advisor for links, school code information, and how to submit supplemental documents if required.

6. Smaller Classes

Trade and technical schools tend to have smaller classrooms than public colleges and universities. This can offer you a more personalized and individualized learning experience. It could be easier to ask questions and not fall behind in learning, especially when tutoring, instructor office hours, and other academic support are available to you.

7. Admissions

Colleges and universities tend to be competitive and might require different prerequisites depending on the school or program. You’ll need to worry about your overall GPA, your test scores, and what clubs you’re a part of in school. It could be less stressful in a trade school since the admissions process could be less competitive. 

8. Career-Focused

Since you’ll be preparing yourself for a specific career, it is easier to focus on that career.  In a 4-year college, it may be pretty difficult to change careers.  For example, in a 4-year college, you might be in your 3rd year and decide you don’t want to study a specific field any longer; you may need to take many classes in the different fields and spend another one to three years before graduating. Since vocational schools usually have much shorter programs, you can consider changing programs in that first year and perhaps not experience as much time wasted. 

9. Affordable

According to Snowballwealth, as of September 2nd, 2021, the average nurse has about $40,000-$54,999 in debt. This debt is higher than the average of other undergraduate students.

You can work in the medical field, helping people as a medical assistant after attending our vocational school,  with far less debt. Whether you’re a medical office specialist or medical assistant, you can find the field very rewarding as you are helping others.  

10. Job Assistance

Many technical schools could help you with job placement assistance. This is not usually as personalized and individualized as you will find in vocational schools.  Vocational schools can have connections with different companies hiring in the area due to their job placement assistance with previous graduates working at those companies. 

11. Opportunities

Trade schools provide specific career and job readiness for their graduates.  For example, attending an approved 40-week electrical training program is career-focused, and students are ready for entry-level employment at graduation.  And, graduates will continue to learn more and more on the job.  Now that seems to be an excellent opportunity for those seeking to work in this trade!

12. All Ages

Due to flexible learning, you can find varying ages attending trade schools. Many who attend trade school can be stay-at-home parents, just fresh out of the military, working parents, or those looking for a career change.  Often, people enter career schools right out of high school, or they may seek a new career years later.  In any case, trade school education can be a great alternative to longer with more expensive total tuition costs. 

13. Build Your Skills

Trade schools can help you build on your current knowledge and skills on a particular topic. Whether you have military training or have gone to trade schools in the past, you can expand on your existing knowledge. 

14. Shorter Programs

You could go to a college or university for four years or more and decide that you don’t want to be in that field! Since the first couple of years in colleges and universities focus on general studies, you may not even take any of your major courses until much later. Whether your schedule is too busy or you’re not interested in going to school for four years, you can go to a trade school in much less time.  Our trade school has programs offered in as little as 32 weeks! 

15. Multiple Locations

While some colleges and universities don’t have multiple locations, some trade schools do. Our campuses include Santa Ana, West Covina, Fairfield, Riverside, Rancho Cordova, and Online. You can also check out our online programs as well. 

Trade vs. Vocational vs. Tech School

A vocational school tends to be an umbrella term encompassing either tech or trade schools. Vocational schools could prepare you for immediate entry into a field. Or, it could provide you with the means necessary to enter that field in a couple of years. 

Some colleges offer vocational degrees. For those in high school, they can go to vocational programs. 

Trade schools could give you the skills that you need for the job. These tend to be more of a focus on base-level certifications. Industries that are labor-focused such as medical assistants, mechanics, carpenters, and electricians, could be found at trade schools. 

Tech schools tend to offer specific certifications or an occupational associate’s degree. The programs can often be completed in a shorter time, unlike degree programs in other universities and colleges. 

How To Pick Out the Right Trade School?

First, check out the instructors that they will have teaching you. Find out their experience and education. 


Most importantly, you’ll need to decide what you want to study and see what trade schools have that option. Take a look at pricing and see if you could apply for financial aid. 


Attend an accredited school, which means there has been an extensive review of its policies, curriculum, faculty qualifications, and student outcomes.  Accredited schools are required to maintain various policies, records, and certain outcomes to maintain their accreditation standing. 


Location is also important. Depending on the field that you’re considering, you might be able to complete the program online. If online isn’t an option and you need to go in person, make sure that they have convenient campus locations for you. 

Job Assistance

Watch out for locations that claim that they’ll offer you a job when you’re done. No school can guarantee a job upon graduation, but they could provide job placement assistance. 

Success Rate

How long have they been around? You might want to avoid schools that have not been in existence for quite some time.  This way, you know they have a history of training students.

See if you can reach out to previous students to find out their past experiences. Find out the statistics about the percentage of students who complete the program.

Remember that it’s not likely to be 100% since some people have other obstacles come up in life or decide to switch careers. Also, find out about the cost of attending school and see if you can apply for financial aid. 

Exploring the Reasons To Attend Trade School

Now that you’ve explored this guide on the different reasons to attend a trade school, you should be ready to decide if it’s right for you. Are you ready to get started at a trade school that could prepare you for your future career? 

Contact us today through our contact form, or give us a call! We have over 35 years of experience training students. Let us guide you in the process and answer any questions you might have today. 

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