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Top 5 Skills You Need to be a Successful HVAC Tech

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Are you looking for a new career and thinking about getting into HVAC services? It’s not a bad idea, especially considering the field is expected to grow at least 15% by 2026 continually. (According to the BLS as of September 2018)

While it is true that you don’t need any higher education to work in the HVAC field, some certain traits and skills are helpful and truly necessary to succeed.

Wondering if you’d be a good fit for an HVAC tech? We’re here to help you decide. Keep reading below for five of the top skills you should have to enter the industry.

1. Be Comfortable in Uncomfortable Spots

HVAC technicians will not spend their workday in an office in a cubicle. Be prepared to be both hot and cold while working on customer units.

Depending on the unit type and location, you may also be required to do your repair or maintenance work in small, tight spaces. This is all part of the responsibilities of working in the HVAC field.

After a while, you will get used to even the tiniest of crawlspaces or attics.

2. Communication Skills as an HVAC Tech

In addition to all the technical knowledge, you need to be a good communicator to be a successful HVAC worker. Customers can be unpleasant when their system is down, especially during extreme temperatures.

Even so, you must be able to explain your work to them and remain professional. Many customers won’t know too much about their system, so you should be prepared to explain any issues or procedures in terms they understand.

Additionally, good communication skills can help you make sales. These might be related to extra filters or a service contract.

3. Computer Skills

As with many things today, HVAC systems are becoming more and more high-tech. This means you will need to be comfortable working with a computer as a technician.

While some basic software helps track clients and assignments, many systems are controlled by a computer system.

If you aren’t familiar with such systems, don’t worry. Most HVAC technician programs will provide you with basic but necessary training.

4. Know How to Manage Your Time

Time wasting is a big issue with employees and can cost businesses a ton of money. As a tech, you will be on the road driving to and from appointments.

With this, it can be very tempting and easy to waste time grabbing a coffee, bite to each, or even swinging by your home to care for a pet. While okay every once in a while, this type of behavior can get out of hand quickly.

To be successful, you will need to stay focused and stick to appointment schedules.

5. Critical Thinking

Even with adequate training, you will experience new issues in the field you are unfamiliar with. One skill that makes a great technician is the ability to react and think quickly.

Troubleshooting to identify the specific issue and thinking outside the box will allow you to be an effective technician.

Time to Use Your Skills to Serve Others

Hopefully, you more clearly understand what it takes to be an HVAC technician. It can be a very rewarding and satisfying career choice.

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Bhupendra Choudhary
Bhupendra Choudhary
5 years ago

The HVAC industry is going to grow on a global level. With new technology emerging into the market, HVAC technicians must spend time on learning new skills and plan on better time management.

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