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What is the Career Outlook for Behavioral Health Assistant?

mental health specialists

The Affordable Care Act that was enacted under President Barack Obama has paved the way for more and more mental health patients to receive affordable mental health care. This means that there is more need for mental health professionals across the nation.

There are several different types of positions available in the mental health field depending on your desired area of expertise.

These occupations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Individual and Family Services
  • Outpatient Mental Health/Substance Abuse Centers
  • Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  • Inpatient Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Facilities

So, let’s take a look at the career outlook for these positions. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect while you’re looking to advance your career.

What is the Career Outlook for a Behavioral Health Assistant?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of mental health jobs circulating the nation in 2016 was just over 260,000. This number is expected to grow by over 60,000 in the next eight years, or by 2026.

What Does a behavioral health assistant Do?

Mental Health workers spend the majority of their time assisting patients that suffer from mental health issues. This can include alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as other behavioral problems. The technicians provide support under the treatment plans developed by the medical professionals that help people cope with these issues.

How to Become a Behavioral Health Assistant

You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s degree or even a Master’s degree to enter the field as a mental health counselor. You may also be required to apply for an internship before you can become eligible to work on your own. Support positions such as a Behavioral Health Assistant may not require a degree and can help you get your foot in the door in the field of mental health. Advanced degrees and licensure will be required in order to work as a mental health counselor.

Mental Health Counseling Jobs

The mental health industry is rapidly growing with more people seeking services for their issues. This growth is much faster than the average for other occupations in the United States. You can expect to obtain a job soon after you complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. If you want to work to help those in need suffering from mental health, consider working as a Behavioral Health Assistant and provide support to patients as outlined in the care plan.

Final Thoughts

Employment for mental health specialists has grown significantly in the past couple of years. It is projected to continue growing by at least 23 percent until 2026. This growth is due to more people seeking addiction and mental health counseling services.

The best way you can increase your desirability in the field of mental health is to continue or further your education and experience. Having a positive attitude is also an attribute that employers look for.

When you’re ready to take a step toward your future and gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be a successful Behavioral Health Assistant, feel free to contact us. We offer a Behavioral Health Assistant training certificate program online so you can jump-start your career.

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Dr. William Weeks lyme
Dr. William Weeks lyme
5 years ago

Really great post about the career of mental health specialists. I want to say thank you for sharing this. Keep writing.

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