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Why Learning a Trade Can Be a Great Career Option

learning a trade

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Many high schools in the nation push colleges and universities for their students. Because of this, tons of students think that getting a four-year degree is the only way to be successful.

However many don’t consider a shorter and more beneficial option: trade school.

There seems to be some contempt for blue-collar workers, but at this point, it may only be thinly-veiled jealousy. The pay can be great, but there are many other factors that can add to these workers’ happiness.

We’ll explain why learning a trade can be as satisfying and as lucrative as many corporate jobs.

Read on to see why you might be interested in this type of work!

Learning a Trade = Less Debt

It’s no secret that colleges and universities can be expensive. No matter if you attend public or private, in-state or out, a four-year degree can be quite expensive.

Price tags can vary due to tuition and fees, as well as things like books, room and board, and personal costs of living. And, the opportunity to work in your new career is delayed while attending for four years or more. And, paying for a 4-year degree is not easy.

Many students rack up thousands of dollars in student loans that have to be paid back.

Luckily, a technical or vocational degree costs significantly less and takes a lot less time to complete. This means taking out fewer loans, paying less interest, getting into your field, and making real money sooner.

Little or No Outsourcing

There are many jobs that can be moved overseas, and there are many jobs that can be done by robots. However, when someone needs an HVAC technician, they typically need one right then and there.

No time to fly back from another country. And even if a robot did the job, a qualified person would have to be there to deliver and set it up.

There is always a sense of urgency when dealing with people’s homes and lives. Certainly more often than say, a tax return.

Job Satisfaction

Aside from the fact that could earn a higher wage upon graduation than in other careers, including those requiring 4-year degrees, you’ll also graduate quicker which means more time in the field making real money.

You’ll probably be able to pay off your debt sooner allowing you to spend more on yourself and your family as well as save for retirement. This combination has been linked to being a happier person and a better sense of well-being.

The fact is, not everyone is made for or wants to attend a 4-year university. Oftentimes, it is financial. Other times it’s because you learn and work better with your hands.

Going to a trade or vocational school can allow this type of work. Loving what you do is extremely gratifying. You’ll also likely have a job and go on to earn a good income after learning a trade.

If you have questions or are curious about degree programs offered, contact us for information.

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