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Trade Jobs in the Future

Trade Jobs in the Future

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Automation is a growing concern across all careers. Anything repetitive and easy to replicate is subject to automation, and it could affect up to 800 million people in your lifetime.

Luckily, there are still plenty of trade jobs that won’t be falling victim to this fate any time soon. Let’s talk about some trade jobs that aren’t going away in your lifetime!


HVAC technicians and specialists are responsible for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and sometimes refrigeration equipment.

This could be in somebody’s home or at a large commercial or government facility. The job requires you to work with a lot of different equipment from many other manufacturers and keep up to date with their changes over time.

Of course, a lot of mechanical knowledge will be needed in this job, so starting with a training program is a good decision to consider.


While some choose to take an apprenticeship, one of the best parts of the HVAC career path is that you may get a job once you’re done with your education. You will need some hours of work after completing your training program, and you’ll need to pass an exam.

Automation Risk

Most of the appliance technician trades will be safe from automation throughout your lifetime. It’s challenging to program a machine to diagnose and repair any issue with this type of equipment.

HVAC technicians have to work with a wide variety of equipment, and the equipment can change or evolve at any time, potentially keeping it safe from automation.


Electricians do such complicated work, whether they’ll admit it or not. It is not likely that a machine can easily replace this kind of work. Electricians will need to wire a house one day, change a fuse the next, and diagnose problems later on that day, all while transporting their equipment around to each location. Automation is not a significant risk for this field.

Since this requires skill, most companies will need you to have prior electrical education and licensing before hiring, so keep that in mind!


While electricians are known for starting as apprentices, commonly, that isn’t a necessity. Electricians will need to receive a certain amount of working hours after their official training, making this an excellent choice to get started in.

Once you complete your work hours and training program, you will be required to pass an exam. Once you are properly licensed, you will have to maintain that throughout your career.

Automation Risk

Mainly because of the digital age and increasing variety of our electric sources, automation not only poses a significant risk to this position but also could potentially strengthen its security.

With advances to the internet, solar technology, wind technology, electric vehicles, and further advancements in automation, skilled electricians may be in high demand for a long time!

Computer Trades

If you are concerned with automation taking over, then get on board while you still can! Automation doesn’t repair itself quite yet, so human intervention will still be needed. There are plenty of trades in the computer industry that will be around for a long time.

Cybersecurity Specialist

If you’ve watched the news at all recently, you know that cybersecurity specialists is an excellent career option to consider. These jobs protect the company, organization, government, and personal data from breaches and other cyber threats.

You may need a clean criminal background and the ability to pass an extensive background check.

Computerized Accounting

Accounting used to be a specialized field for people with master’s degrees. Well, this is one area where automation helped an industry grow!

Because of the increase in accounting technology, a certificate is one option to enter this profession. There’s no apprenticeship requirement, no exam or license required, and you may be eligible to start  work after completing your training.

If you start with a certificate, there is room to grow in the field by continuing your computer education, but a certificate may be an excellent choice.

You could be working with different clients like businesses and families, so the expert advice an accountant can give to each client can’t be automated quite yet!

Which Trade Jobs Are For You?

Trade jobs could be one option to protect yourself from the grips of automation. These jobs have been around for a long time. Some offer benefits, some will offer unions,  and training will help to get your foot in the door.

Stay up to date with our latest news and contact us for any information about trade school!

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