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Program Description

Available Online only, this program provides the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in today’s accounting industry.

The program is designed to provide “hands-on” training with today’s most popular office software Microsoft Office, along with the accounting computer program, QuickBooks, are used to teach computerized accounting.

Computerized Accounting

Computerized Accounting

Students will have the skills and knowledge to meet the hiring standards of an entry-level bookkeeping professional.

Occupational Objectives

There is a continuous demand for Bookkeepers, Jr. Accountants, Accounting Clerks, Payroll Clerks, and other entry-level accounting professionals in today’s accounting job market.

Business, Government and private individuals need accurate financial information to make important decisions and conduct their business affairs efficiently.

Professional bookkeepers using computers and the related software programs provide the figures, facts, financial information that are needed for most businesses.


Program Objectives

Microsoft Office programs

The program is designed to provide students with training in Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and Access, PowerPoint, and is specially designed to teach bookkeeping; therefore, preparing students for a more specialized career in accounts receivable/payables, payroll, or other areas of accounting.

Students also learn the fundamentals of preparing State and Federal income tax returns.

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