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Choosing Natural Energy Career: Understanding Job Outlook for Solar Photovoltaic Installers

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The solar industry is booming in America and there is money to be made. The career that is going to benefit most from this boom in solar panel installation. 

There is more demand for solar power than ever before and it is still growing. With more demand for solar power, there is more demand for skilled technicians to install these systems. 

Want a job in the natural energy sector? Why not become a PV installer? Here’s what you need to know about the job outlook for solar photovoltaic installers. 

What Is a Solar Photovoltaic Installer

A solar photovoltaic installer is someone who installs solar panels for residential and commercial uses. There are many different uses of solar panels, such as to provide power for lighting and hot water. 

A solar installer will have to consider how individual panels will be integrated into the roofing of a home or other building. They will also need to plan how the whole system will fit together with the building’s electrical needs. 

Each building that a solar technician works on is likely going to be different. This is because roofs are at different angles and face in different directions – so they have more or less access to sunlight. 

As a solar technician, you can design and install these projects from start to finish. You can also work on repairing broken solar systems or maintaining them as needed. 

Understanding Job Outlook for Solar Photovoltaic Installers

The demand for solar photovoltaic installation is on the rise. In 2018, there were 9,700 solar installers in the United States. Most of them were in sunny California! 

However, that number is rapidly going to increase as demand rises. According to the BLS, as of March 2020, it has been projected that this number will increase by 63% in ten years. That is much faster than almost any other career path. 

More job opportunities also mean that there will be more money to be made within the industry. As employers are looking to employ more skilled technicians, they will have more money to pay. 

By getting a head start with a valuable solar technician qualification you can really boost your job opportunities. As the demand for skilled technicians rises, you will also be able to ask for more money for your skills. 

Increased Demand for Solar Photovoltaic Installation

There are a number of reasons why the demand for solar panel technicians is high right now, and why it will continue to grow. It is not just that people are trying to go more ‘green’. There are real economic issues that are driving the change towards solar. Here are some of the most important. 

Energy Costs

People are becoming more and more conscious of their energy consumption costs. More and more people are therefore looking to install some form of solar power in their homes. 

One of the most common examples of this is the massive increase in demand for solar hot water systems. Solar hot water has actually driven the way for many other kinds of solar installments, such as solar panels providing power for electricity within the home. 

The importance of this is that it has forced retailers to begin to offer many more solar products to the market. With more solar products on the market, there is a much higher demand for solar PV installers. 

Government Rebates and Incentives

Another one of the major driving factors of demand within the industry is the fact that both federal and state governments are offering financial incentives for people to install solar products in their homes. 

There are multiple reasons why the government is encouraging citizens to install solar, but one of the major ones is to decrease pressure on the gas and electric grids. With a growing population, it is beneficial if individuals can produce their own power needs. 

But on a more simple level, these monetary incentives are also driving up demand from consumers. Consumers want to save and make money from their power usage.

You should check out the various policies and incentives around the country.

Green Movement

Another important reason solar installers are in high demand is because of a cultural trend towards environmentalism. Americans are thinking about the environment more than ever. 

Solar power is a renewable resource that is extremely clean for the environment. More and more people are looking to introduce these green alternatives in their own homes. 

Benefits of Becoming a Solar Panel Installer

As the increase in demand for solar power and solar installers goes up, there is more money to be made within the industry.  According to, as of March 202020, The median salary of a solar photovoltaic installer is $42,680.00. 

Because the industry is still young, there are a lot of opportunities for solar installers to take advantage of the emerging market. Once solar technicians have worked for a number of years as an installer, they can also look to create their own business and employ other installers. 

How to Become a Solar Installer

Becoming a solar panel installer is probably not as hard as you think. It sounds like a highly technical career, but in fact, you do not need years of college education to become one. 

Most solar technicians have a high school diploma and have received certification from a trade school. The sorts of things you will learn in a trade school are basic electrical safety, necessary mathematics, the technology and functionality of solar systems, as well as installation techniques.

These courses do not typically take too long and you can be a practicing solar technician within months or weeks. If you are still unsure, why not read what other people are saying about our courses.

Thinking About Being a Solar Photovoltaic Technician?

Being a solar technician can be a really rewarding job with great pay and a great working environment. The industry is going to explode in the next few years, and there will be a lot of money to be made. It is a good idea to get trained now to start making good money and to benefit from higher demand in the future. 

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and take on the job of solar photovoltaic installer? Get certified with our program and boost your career opportunities immediately! Check out our site for further details on what you will learn and how to apply.

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