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Health Crisis – InterCoast Colleges’ Hybrid Learning Program is keeping current students’ career goals on track.

COVID-19 Online Learning

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Health and safety are a priority, and adhering to the government-mandated precautions will help all of us weather this storm. With these provisions in place, many are finding it next to impossible to continue their education and career training. Fortunately, InterCoast has a solution to tackle these obstacles, while still maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

During this time of uncertainty brought on by the global health crisis, InterCoast Colleges is pleased to announce that starting immediately, the college will offer a solution to help its students continue their academic progress towards achieving their career goals. 

 InterCoast is approved to conduct training in a number of disciplines online, including its popular “Hybrid” training programs.  InterCoast offers Electrical Training Program and HVAC Technician programs as a combination of both online and campus-based delivery methods. For currently enrolled students enrolled in these Hybrid programs, the students will have no interruption in their training.  Students can participate in fully online learning during the COVID-19 crisis, with no requirement to physically attend campus at this time.

“InterCoast understands the devastation the coronavirus crisis has created for our students”, said Dr. Geeta Brown, President/CEO of InterCoast Colleges, operating five locations in California, including an online division that began nearly ten years ago.  “In order to meet the needs of our students during this difficult time, we are pleased to announce that we are offering our trades programs in a fully online format so students can stay home and remain healthy and safe from the virus, says Brown.  

According to Brown, InterCoast will provide its students with the ability to attend live-streaming lectures from our Instructors, participate in online activities, assignments, and simulations, as well as address and ask questions during the instructor’s regularly scheduled office hours. The standardized schedules will ensure that all our students will be able to receive the support and guidance they need during this difficult time.

While InterCoast will offer its classes in an online format during this time to accommodate, many of the campus locations will remain open, in order to provide various services to the student body. Students may stop by between 10:00 am and 7 pm to address questions or concerns with the staff, drop off paperwork, or obtain assistance from career services, the InterCoast staff and faculty are ready to help. 

Contact David Brown, call 1-877-227-3377, or email, for additional information.  

“InterCoast Colleges understands that these are difficult times for many people, but it is up to all of us to make the most out of the situation”, says Dr. Brown. “Through perseverance and determination, we can do more than just withstand, together, we can thrive.”

For more information on InterCoast Colleges, its online programs, and how the institution is assisting its students during the coronavirus, please call 1-877-227-3377, or go to


If you are a current CAMPUS BASED STUDENT attending the ETP, HVAC, MA, PT, or ADCS, your instruction is available to you ONLINE.  You will receive an email or phone call with your online orientation schedule and instructions on your live lectures, course assignments, and submissions.  ETP and HVAC Hybrid students will not attend campus sessions on March 21st and March 28, 2020. Current “fully online” students and programs are not affected. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from governmental authorities. For more information, please call 1-877-227-3377.

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