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Interview With Alumni Victoria Wright – Making a Difference as a Medical Assistant

Interview With Alumni Victoria Wright – Making a Difference as a Medical Assistant

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Especially with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for medical assistants has been on the rise. If you want to make a difference in the lives of the community and those around you, this 45-week program from InterCoast Colleges can get you the certification you need to get started. Through this program, you’ll learn all you need to know to qualify for an entry-level position in a medical office, as well as a number of other positions.

We’ll talk a little more about InterCoast’s program later on, but first, we want to tell you the story of one of our graduates. Victoria Wright is a former InterCoast College student who graduated from the medical assistant program and is currently working as a medical assistant, helping to serve the needs of patients during the Covid-19 crisis.

Medical assistants always do important work, but this is especially true in these pandemic times. As you read along, you’ll learn a little more about Victoria’s story and all the ways medical assistants can make a difference in the community. You’ll even get the chance to hear about some of Victoria’s experiences in her own words. Let’s start out by talking about why Victoria decided to get started as a medical assistant.

Working as a Medical Assistant

Victoria grew up in a big family and was always helping out. She says, “I’ve always been, in that sense of always wanting to help anywhere, I could and can and make a difference… Always striving to do what I could where I could and make a difference.”

Being a person who loves helping others, Victoria decided to start studying for her certification as a medical assistant at 48. She’s nearly 50 now, and she says when she first started attending InterCoast, “It just felt natural. You keep going. I didn’t have a hard time, which I thought I would have.”

After graduating from InterCoast Colleges, Victoria started working for Rod Stad in El Dorado Hills, where she still currently works. While she’s there she’s helping serve the needs of patients of all kinds during the Covid-19 crisis. Let’s go into a little more detail about that—and remember, Victoria is just one of many InterCoast graduates helping to stem the tide of the pandemic.

Helping with Covid-19

Now that she’s graduated and working for Rod Stad, Victoria says, “I’m at the front line of the base of COVID. Any employers, any delivery trucks, I have to do a point check. I have to ask the appropriate questions. For employees, for example, I would ask them, how are you feeling? Have you had a cough, cold, or fever in the last 14 days? Then I would do a temperature check, and then I would clear them to go.”

Since she’s just started, Victoria is working three or four days a week, from four to eight hours a day, “depending on how many employees are coming in.” With all of these efforts, Victoria is helping make a difference in preventing the spread of the virus and keeping the rest of us safe in this time of need.

What Victoria has to Say about InterCoast Colleges

The atmosphere around InterCoast Colleges was one of the things Victoria says she enjoyed the most: “I liked the feel of it because it was small. It was a low setting. I was going to get the attention I needed.” With small class sizes you know you’re always going to get the time and guidance you need from your instructors.

Victoria also says that everyone came out ahead in her experience with InterCoast Colleges: “Not only this, but the students that graduated were also as successful as we made. Our call came out together successfully. School, teachers, students, all in all together.” Our certification program is designed to give you and other students the skills and training you need to succeed as a medical assistant.

Victoria wanted to say the last thing to anyone thinking about a career as a medical assistant was, “anything is possible. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Anything is possible.” Victoria is a grandmother who decided to attend InterCoast and has gone on to a successful career as a medical assistant. No matter what age you are or what time of life you’re in, InterCoast can help you succeed in a new career and help you find a brighter future.

Getting Started with InterCoast Colleges

The InterCoast Colleges medical assistant program is a 45-week, 900-hour course designed to help you learn how to serve both the administrative and clinical needs of patients in a medical office.

The course offers 180 hours of training in a medical facility, so you’ll be well-prepared by the time you actually get certified and are ready to get started on your new career. The course includes training in anatomy, specimen collection, laboratory procedures, sterilization, assisting in minor surgery, preparing patients for diagnostics, and a number of other important medical skills.

Once you’ve finished the program, you will be prepared for entry-level positions such as front or back-office medical assistance, insurance billing, phlebotomy, EKG, medical office management, and bookkeeping. Especially in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, these positions are in high demand, and our Career Services Department is available to help you with the process of finding a position after graduation.

If you’re interested in starting a career as a Medical Assistant, you can get started by getting in touch with InterCoast Colleges. We’ll help you with the application process, work with you on costs and financial aid, and guide you through any other questions you may have about getting started. It’s easy to get in touch with us, as we’re active on most major social media sites, or you can get in touch with a representative through our website. You could also give us a call at (866) 787-3888 or fill out our contact form and we’ll have someone get in touch with you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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