Make A Living As a Medical Professional: A Guide To the Most Rewarding Medical Programs Not Involving A Four year Degree

Medical Programs

All your life, you’ve known you wanted to have a career in the medical field.

Helping people is important to you, and medicine is something that has always been one of your biggest interests.

But now that it’s time to choose your path, you’ve realized you don’t want to attend school for years to obtain a degree. Luckily, there are several options for you that don’t require a long commitment to school.

Let’s take a look at medical programs that only require a certificate, so you can get started in your career right away.

Types of Medical Programs

Certificate programs are acquired in a shorter amount of time and are much less expensive than paying for a college degree.

Getting a certificate will allow you to get a jump start on your career much sooner than if you were to go to college.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 different medical programs that require only a certificate.

Medical Assistant

One of the most popular medical programs is to receive a certificate as a medical assistant.

Medical assistants help out in clinical settings with both administrative and clinical work.

They may be specifically trained for something, such as clinical procedures, but all medical assistants will have similar duties, depending on the size of the office they work in.

Many medical assistants will help the doctors perform minor surgical procedures and do other treatments on patients, while some will spend more time on administrative work such as billing and insurance.

It’s a good idea to look for any sites specific to your field for salary data. These sites may have info on industry average wages. These jobs are typically full time and during normal business hours. Some medical assistants will need to work evenings and weekends, depending on the practice.

A typical day for a medical assistant will vary depending on the office.

Generally, medical assistants will be preparing the patients before the doctor enters the room.

They will be in charge of greeting patients, seating them, taking their blood pressure, and updating their chart with new information on their health status.

Medical assistants may also be responsible for ordering supplies needed for the office, assisting the doctor with processing prescriptions for patients, making appointments, and documenting medical records.

If becoming a medical assistant sounds appealing to you, you’ll need to look into medical programs to enroll in.

Receiving a certificate as a medical assistant will take just 45 weeks to complete. So in about 10 months, you could be working in the medical field.

Dental Assistant

Another popular career choice for people interested in the medical field is the dental field. Instead of attending a school that will last several years, consider becoming a dental assistant.

Check any sites specific to your field for salary data as they may have info on industry average wages. These positions are typically full time, and the hours will be during normal business hours. There may be some evening and weekend hours at some dental offices.

Dental assistants have similar responsibilities as medical assistants.

They are in charge of greeting and seating a patient, helping the patient feel comfortable, preparing for treatment, and assisting the dentist in some treatment.

Some more advanced duties include sterilization, assisting in surgeries or treatments, taking x-rays, and informing patients on treatment plans.

Dental assistants will also be responsible for some administrative duties such as scheduling, maintaining patient’s records, going over consent with patients, and discussing billing and payments.

If becoming a dental assistant interest you, check out our course descriptions to get a better idea of the classes needed to become a registered dental assistant.

Pharmacy Technician

Another great way to enter the medical field is through pharmaceutical work. Becoming a pharmacy technician is an achievable goal that won’t take too long to accomplish.

Unlike medical or dental assistants, pharmacy technicians will usually be working inside of retail or hospital pharmacies, not in medical offices, so their responsibilities are much different.

Pharmacy techs will work under a pharmacist to fill prescriptions, compounding, measuring medications, and keeping the correct inventory of drugs, and securing the medications.

They are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of patient’s records, handling insurance claims, and conducting transactions with patients for their prescriptions.

According to the BLS, demand for pharmacy technician workers is expected to grow by as much as 12% over the next ten years, so this may be a great career option for you.

Healthcare/Medical Office Specialist

If you are interested in the medical field, but would rather be solely responsible for administrative duties, this job may be for you.

Healthcare office specialists will perform the administrative tasks that are crucial for every medical office’s survival.

Office specialists duties may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, maintaining updated and organized files, complete insurance forms correctly, and submit prescription orders to pharmacies.

They may also be responsible for processing billing and payment information, answering phone calls and e-mails and helping medical assistants with any other duties around the office.

People interested in this job should be highly organized, attentive to details, personable, friendly, responsible, punctual, hard-working, and great at communicating.

If this is the career for you, enroll now in an online certificate program where you will learn all about medical terminology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare laws, and much more.

Your Dream is Within Reach

Having a career in the medical field doesn’t have to mean going to school for several years. It is achievable by the certificate programs that you can complete in less than one year.

The road to having your dream job just became a lot shorter, and a lot more affordable. Enroll in a medical certificate program today.  Financial aid is available for those who qualify. And, there is job placement assistance for graduates.

There is no reason not to take the next step. The longer you wait, the more you may be putting your life on hold.

For more information on any of these medical programs, please contact us. We are eager to help you on the path towards fulfilling your dreams.

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