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How An Adult Education Certificate Further Your Career

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Are you thinking about going back to school?

An adult education certificate means a smart move in many respects. It can provide you with valuable skills you need to advance your career further.

It can even help you establish new contacts within your industry, paving the way for higher salaries and new job growth.

But adult education is a massive investment, and many people wonder if it really is worth the effort.

The good news? It really is.

In this post, we discuss how specifically adult education certificates can further your career. Read on for valuable insight!

1. Gain An Edge In Your Industry

In some industries, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. You may even be struggling to get into an industry that you covet. Or perhaps you’re longing to be more competitive for that job promotion or more advanced role in your field.

An adult education certificate is your key to truly getting a footing in your industry and making your resume more competitive.

The job market is constantly changing, but this doesn’t mean that it’s getting easier to obtain a job. If anything, employers are becoming even more selective and are hunting for candidates with the most advanced degrees.

Continuing your education doesn’t necessarily mean going out and snagging a Ph.D., many of which take seven years to achieve. Enrolling in a certificate program, Masters course, or other graduate track is perfectly viable.

Many of these programs take only one to two years to complete.

Employers are searching for candidates with more advanced levels of schooling because these individuals have put in more time to develop critical skills in the industry.

What’s more, if you attend a highly-respected institution, employers will glimpse your resume in a new light. They’ll know that in hiring you, they’ll be hiring a candidate with the largest skill set for the position.

2. Get A Step Up Through Networking

Continuing your education isn’t just about adding another institution to your resume. An adult education certificate instantly gives you access to amazing networking opportunities.

To establish a solid career, building valuable contacts from day one is important. Building key relationships in your industry can help you secure a position, make innovative partnerships, and explore other paths within your career.

Many adult education certificate programs will focus on networking. You’ll be interacting with reputable professors who alone are experts in the industry. But you’ll also be engaging with peers, graduates, and working professionals.

What’s more, most programs will give you the chance to attend job fairs, networking socials, and other events. It provides an amazing opportunity to plunge into your career while still attending school.

It can be a lot harder to network outside of this setting. This is because networking doesn’t just happen overnight, and it can be hard to establish contacts if you are fresh out of college, starting out in a new city, or unsure about your industry of choice.

3. Enjoy Higher Job Mobility

An adult education certificate will make you a better employee–period. An adult education certificate program will give you the chance to deepen the skills you already have and acquire new ones.

In many cases, employers encourage employees to continue their education so that they can get raises, promotions, and other benefits. This is because employers want employees who are experts in their field. An adult education certificate will give you tangible expertise.

You’ll also be able to acquire new skills that can lead to higher job mobility. Perhaps a Masters in International Relations will enable you to get a promotion or apply for a more advanced position in the field of politics.

Maybe it will pave the way for fellowships, grants, or other project opportunities.

Because the job market isn’t always secure, checking the boxes to ensure your job mobility is essential.

4. Initiate a Career Move

Adult education certificates can also help you transition to a different career, or take a different direction within your industry.

For example, you may want to explore a graduate program in Occupational Therapy if you have a background in Health Sciences and Administration. Or perhaps you want to transition from a career in linguistics to one in education.

An adult education certificate will give you the foundation you need to make such career moves. They’ll also give you the time and learning opportunities to explore your new career path, make contacts, and secure a position upon graduation.

5. Be Creative and Get Enlightened

Getting a Masters’s degree or exploring a graduate certificate program doesn’t have to be only about your career. It can also give you a valuable opportunity to be creative and explore your passions.

This is especially valuable if you are interested in changing to a new career, or longing to satisfy your passion for Russian literature. Getting enlightened is a large part of what adult education is all about.

What’s more, you may discover something new about yourself when you pursue an adult education certificate. You may discover an entirely new career path throughout your journey.

You may also discover an area of concentration that you’ll want to focus on in your career. In this way, the enlightenment and self-discovery of adult education certificates directly further your professional path.

6. Learn Initiative and Leadership Skills

Deciding to further your education takes a lot of initiative. This isn’t like going to college for the first time–adult education means choosing to acquire new knowledge as a professional and an adult.

In this regard, you’ll demonstrate your incredible initiative and dedication to future employers. But you’ll also develop your own skills in leadership, collaboration, and dedication.

All of these are valuable to your career path, no matter where you’re starting out.

How An Adult Education Certificate Further Your Career

It can feel intimidating returning to school or signing up for a long-term graduate program. But an adult education certificate is truly worth the investment, particularly in terms of what it can do for your career.

Adult education will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to job applications. It can enable raises and promotions. What’s more, it will give you valuable networking opportunities that can give you a foot up in your industry.

At the end of the day, continuing your education can give you a chance to take initiative and be creative.

At Intercoast Colleges, we offer a variety of degree and certificate programs for individuals seeking to continue their education. We truly put your career on target.

Learn why Intercoast is right for you today!


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