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Career Insight: Your Complete Guide to Business Administration


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Do you pride yourself on being able to think on your feet in tough situations?

Have you always had a knack for setting — and sticking to — a budget? Do you feel like you can manage your work well and are disciplined in sticking with your schedule, and may be interested in upward mobility, including managing people?

If so, then it sounds like a career in business administration might be right for you.

But what is business administration, and what sort of skills do you need to master it?

In this post, we’ll fill you in on what you need to know about business administration careers and responsibilities.

Then, we’ll tell you how you can find the right school and certification program to help you enter the exciting field of business administration.

Read on when you’re ready to learn how to change your life and get your career on this track.

What Is Business Administration?

Before we speak about potential business administration jobs and go into where you can get the training you need?

Let’s first make sure you’re clear on what exactly the business administration field is.

In a nutshell, business administration teaches you the skills to manage and organize the administrative functions of a company. You may be responsible for things like human resources, financial functions, digital and print marketing, and even helping to select and train administrative hires. You’ll need to understand basic accounting, help create and meet sales and growth benchmarks, and even negotiate on behalf of your company.

As you can see, business administration is a fairly wide field. This means that you’ll come away with a business admin associate’s degree or certification with skill sets that could serve you well in companies of any size, within any industry. This skill sets you will learn can be applied to many organizations and in any industry.

Common Business Administration Jobs

Now that you have a better understanding of what business administration actually is, let’s talk about the potential business administration careers you could go into.

The good news?

Once you have an associate’s degree in business administration, you could be eligible for lots of different careers, within a variety of industries and fields.

You may decide to become a junior accountant or bookkeeper for a private business. This position means that you’ll help companies with their accounts payable, or monitor and collect on receivables. You may be asked to assist in preparing the filing of taxes. on time. You can also help your organization better understand its overall operating expenses — and how to lower them.

You could work in sales and customer service. This may mean that you’ll work with sales goals and incentives, create a sales training script, and even analyze sales data to better predict future sales results.

You may enter into the field of commercial lending, to help companies decide on the type of funding that will work the best for them. In this field, you will work with banks, determine repayment plans, and much more.

You could work in advertising and put together marketing campaigns, social media support, and much more. Companies want to hire people who will help increase their revenue.

If you want to become a supervisor, then it’s also a smart move to get your associate’s degree in business administration. A business school will help you to improve your communication skills, and these skills are imperative for anyone who wants to work in management.

It will also your individual management style and learn about leadership. These skills you develop will help you both personally and professionally.

So, what kind of skill set will you work to develop in business school?

Read on to find out.

What to Expect from a Business Administration Degree

In order to become a successful business admin and work for the most competitive companies?

You’ll need to apply yourself in business school, and familiarize yourself with a wide variety of potential business scenarios. You’ll also need to develop a strong set of hard skills.

Classes will often include things like accounting, human resources management, and even business law. You’ll take computer application and software courses to better understand how specific programs work.

This includes applications like PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and, in some cases, even social media applications. You may also learn how to work with e-commerce platforms, Google Analytics and AdWords, and much more.

Your classes will also cover business communications, marketing principles, and management and supervision skills.

You’ll learn the basics of how to choose the right hires, how to negotiate contracts, understand how to manage a budget, and of course, how to keep customer relations intact.

In short, your business administration classes will cover lots of different topics — and often, things will move quickly.

The good news?

If you enroll in our business office administration certificate program, you can finish up in 40 weeks, or 720 hours. An associate’s degree is also an option and you can finish in around 18 months.

Soft Skills Needed in Business Administration

While learning all about how to work with specific software is incredibly important?

Hard and technical skills alone aren’t enough to ensure that your career in business administration will be a success. You should look for a program that puts just as much focus on helping its students to develop soft skills.

So, what are some soft skills that you’ll need in the business admin world?

First of all, you’ll need to be highly organized.

This is especially true when it comes to taking on or delegating tasks, following up with clients and employees, and managing your time in general.

You’ll also need to work on developing an effective communication style. You want to be certain that you’re able to explain goals and strategies concisely and effectively. You’ll also need those communication skills in order to boost your negotiation tactics.

The same goes for human resources skills and situations. You want to make sure that everyone’s voice and opinion are heard, and that any issues are resolved quickly — without having the company held responsibly.

Finally, you’ll also need to master the ability to make your team members feel valued and appreciated. Especially if you’re in a management and leadership position, you’ll need to work hard to get others to rally around you.

If your employees feel like they don’t matter, you’ll never be able to make that happen.

Advantages of Online Learning in Business Administration

So, you know all about the kinds of skills, both hard and soft, that you’ll need to excel in business administration.

The only thing standing in your way?

You’re just not sure that you have the time, let alone the financial stability, to enroll in a more traditional classroom setting to get the skill set you need.

Not to worry. Especially in today’s world, online learning can be a fast and effective way to earn your associate’s degree in business administration or a certification in business office administration.

But what makes online learning the right choice for you?

First of all, you’ll enjoy lots of flexibility. You can start your course for the day on your own schedule. This means that you won’t have to worry about the time and costs of travel, childcare, and even potentially having to leave work early to make it to class.

You can also earn your associate’s degree or certification much more quickly than you’d normally be able to if you were attending campus classes. This is because you usually can get all the classes you need with no waiting time, taking courses that are the most relevant to your needs and interests.

This means you usually don’t waste time studying skills and scenarios you know you’re never going to use or encounter.

Many online learning institutions help you by providing tutoring and academic advising time with the instructor.

When you’re trying to find the right online school, request as much information from the institution as you can. Find out about the specific programs they offer, how long it will take you to get your degree or certificate, and whether or not they will assist you with job placement.

Speak with past students, and ask them about what they felt they got out of the program.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Career in Business Administration?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand what a career in business can look like for you.

Not only will you be prepared to take on lots of different positions, but you may have flexibility when it comes to job tasks, the fields they work within, and their areas of focus.

Of course, in order to achieve your dreams of working in the business?

You’ll need to find the right program to help you make it happen.

That’s where we come in.

Learn more about how our online certificate program in business office administration or associate’s degree in business administration can help you to change your life. Get in touch with us to receive information on any of our rewarding programs.

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