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How to Become a Behavioral Health Assistant

how to become a mental health technician

Are you someone who loves taking care of other people? Do you strive to work in an industry that has a major positive impact on those around you?

If so, a career as a Behavioral Health Assistant may be the right move for you. A career in mental health can be as financially rewarding as it is emotionally rewarding.

Wondering how you can begin your exciting new career? Here’s a quick guide on how to become a Behavioral Health Assistant.

What Does A Behavioral Health Assistant Do?

First, let’s take a few moments to analyze what exactly a Behavioral Health Assistant does.

As a Behavioral Health Assistant, you’re often the first point of contact between a patient and a specialist, making you an essential member of the team.

You’ll talk to new clients, schedule mental health services, and coordinate with mental health specialists to determine the best courses of treatment for a patient.

Depending on where you find a job, you may also be responsible for overseeing the administration of medication.

How To Become A Behavioral Health Assistant

Now that you have a better understanding of what your future occupation will entail, let’s talk about how you can quickly get on your way to obtaining your certification.

Obtain A High School Diploma Or GED

First and foremost, to work in the mental health field, you’ll need to obtain a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED) equivalent.

If you don’t have either at the moment, it’s never too late. You can earn your GED in just a few months, and your local schools should offer plenty of options to help you prepare.

Every trade school you apply to will likely require proof of your general education, so while it may be a temporary setback, it is a necessity.

Enroll In A Certification Course

Next, you’ll need to enroll in an accredited certificate program. While having a bachelor’s degree may help secure employment, it isn’t a necessity for enrolling in a certification program.

All in all, you’ll spend an estimated 720 hours or 40 weeks to complete your certification program. However, you don’t necessarily need to be on campus throughout your education.

Many certification programs, like the ones at InterCoast, offer flexible options with an online program. That means that you can earn your certificate without having to take time off work or away from your family.

Start Your Path Toward A New Career Today

At InterCoast, we want to help prepare students just like you for the jobs of the future. Whether you take classes on campus or online, we offer students relevant, exciting education. We even offer career services to help you find the ideal position when you graduate.

Get in touch with our admissions department to learn more about how to become a Behavioral Health Assistant

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