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10 Careers to Best Use an Online Business Administration Degree

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Are you interested in doing an online business administration degree? If so, there are several exciting careers that await you.

Corporations and small businesses form the backbone of the world economy. Business administration experts are needed to fill many roles within these companies.

Business administration students study business theory and best practices. Furthermore, they learn how to solve complex problems. Business administration grads often work in marketing, sales, or operations. 

Keep reading to find out what careers await you after an online business administration degree.

What Is Business Administration?

Business administration is the study of business theory and applications. It also includes different aspects of managing the various business operations.

Studying business administration often gives you the chance to develop your creativity. Businesses need people who are innovative and have good ideas.

Business administration encompasses operations, financial, marketing, and human resources. Business administration courses often include coursework that strengthens students’ critical thinking and problem abilities.  Students with more advanced degrees will obtain higher positions, as the coursework will usually provide the necessary skills in the workplace. You can start with a certificate program and perhaps move to an associate’s degree than a bachelor’s degree in business.  Let’s discuss the benefits of a degree.

Why Get an Online Business Administration Degree?

An online degree in business administration will help open up doors to many different career prospects

Large corporations and small startups need competent staff to manage day-to-day operations, marketing, sales, and finance. Studying business administration can help give you access to a diverse range of opportunities.

Furthermore, a business degree will help develop interpersonal skills, as you will take courses in communication. These courses help build confidence so that you can deal with different kinds of people in the workplace.

A degree in business administration also helps to improve your written communication skills. You will learn how to write reports and various communications and deliver strong presentations. If you love learning new skills, then you will enjoy studying business administration.

Studying business administration may also give you the chance to develop your creativity. Businesses need innovation and have good ideas and those who take the initiative to share what they have learned.

By tapping into your creativity, you can make a real impact in the world. 

Doing an online degree also gives you the flexibility of studying on your schedule. Do you have a busy life that includes day-to-day responsibilities? An online degree may be ideal for you.

1. Business Analysis

Corporations need people who know how to prepare and analyze various business reports to help the company make better decisions. Business analysis work often helps identify the problems and ways in which those problems can be solved.

More and more companies rely on various data to make critical decisions. Some of this data is financial data compiled on Excel spreadsheets or in Access databases. Those working in business can analyze data to find important trends and issues that need addressing. In this way, they help their organization refine corporate strategy and internal processes and help them make sound decisions.

2. Supply Chain and Inventory 

A supply chain worker manages the logistics and distribution of goods. Businesses need supply chain managers to ensure they have the right materials to manufacture products. They are also responsible for ensuring adequate inventory.

Supply chain specialists are responsible for maintaining stock. They must also ship goods to and from warehouses around the world.

An online degree in business administration can help you prepare for a career in supply chain work.

Different technologies are disrupting the field of supply chain management. This includes AI, big data, and robotics. It’s an exciting career that’s evolving all the time.

3. Business Processor and Project Coordinators

The jobs of business processors and project coordinators are important, as they assist the organization in developing processes and systems that will help the organization run more smoothly.  Although an advanced degree is preferred, skilled business processors can begin a position. 

4. Human Resources

Are you interested in assisting in the guiding and overseeing of other employees? A job in HR is ideal for you. HR staff must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. This is why many of them have degrees and training in business administration.

Companies from all industries need human resource specialists and managers. This allows you to work in a range of exciting industries.

HR specialists deal with people on a day-to-day basis. So if you have excellent interpersonal skills, then a position in HR would suit you. HR personnel forms a bridge between upper management and entry-level employees.

HR specialists are also responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new employees in a department or organization. This is an exciting aspect of the job that appeals to many people.

5. Marketing Coordinator

There are many positions for business administration graduates in marketing. Marketing specialists often need to develop more effective internal marketing strategies.  Although organizations are constantly seeking individuals with experience in the field, training in marketing can help get your foot in the door for an entry-level position in marketing

Corporations spend a large amount of their revenue on marketing. Why? Because visibility is essential for attracting new customers.  Marketing staff will help the organization develop the brand for the organization and identify new marketing channels.  Social media will also play a significant role in the development of the image and brand of the company.

Business majors have the analytical skills necessary for identifying new marketing channels. These days, marketing is all data-driven. Companies are looking for talented people who can analyze this data and draw meaningful conclusions.

Marketing staff also engage in market research. This helps companies understand who their target audience is. This helps companies refine their marketing efforts and increase their ROI.

6. Business Associates

Business associates help in various operational aspects of a business to help small companies to grow and expand.  They draw up strategies to help small organizations increase their revenue. This includes identifying new niches and thinking of new products. They also assist organizations in creating new partnerships.

Business associates also help companies improve their efficiency. They help companies reduce their costs and increase their profit margins.

Strong Business-related employees can often recommend new systems and institute organizational changes to improve business processes. Companies often look for experience in those who can help develop new strategies that will improve business operations.  A degree in business may help graduates a foot in the door.

7. Supervisor

Operations supervisors are crucial to the success of most companies. They help build the backbone of an organization’s activities. Businesses of all kinds need strength in overall operations to help manage day-to-day tasks.

People who work in operations and supervision typically have a diverse range of responsibilities. These can include managing people, training staff, and dealing with clients. They may also provide input on budgets.

Some operations managers choose to specialize in a specific industry after years of experience. After working in the business for some time, others are well-versed in business strategy and can slot into any company.

Operations supervisors keep employees on track and ensure optimal productivity. They are usually the people in charge of guaranteeing day-to-day tasks are met.

8. Sales 

The core of revenue production within any organization is sales. A company’s sales division must generate revenue and make money for the company.

Sales associates, supervisors, and managers help to improve an organization’s sales team and drive productivity to increase revenue. The supervisors are in charge of setting sales goals, training new sales staff, and analyzing past sales data.

Sales managers also forecast future sales. This helps to assess the viability of new products. 

9. Entrepreneur

Business administration graduates don’t have to seek jobs within organizations. They can also start their business ventures based on their areas of interest.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting choice for many people as it gives them the freedom to be their boss. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it’s gratifying.

As technology improves, new businesses are popping up all the time. Over half a million new companies are founded in the US each month.

For example, building your eCommerce store is easier than ever. Online shopping is a growing industry, making this an attractive business opportunity for individuals who want to own their own business.  Business programs often teach entrepreneurship as part of the training received, so graduates may seek to develop their businesses.

Explore Exciting Careers With a Degree in Business Administration

An online business administration degree leads to a variety of rewarding careers. With this degree, you will gain critical interpersonal and analytical skills. These skills will help you slot into any kind of organization.

Business administration graduates often work in corporate roles as human resource specialists or business supervisors.  Many successful entrepreneurs also come from a business administration background. 

Do you want to learn more about doing an online degree in business administration? Are you ready to start an exciting new career? Check out InterCoast today.

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