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InterCoast Colleges Involved In The Community

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For more than 35 years, InterCoast College has worked to educate the community of West Covina. Part of our mission is to reduce addiction in the community by helping individual addicts and working to change the conditions that lead people to become addicted. As you watch this presentation, you’ll hear about InterCoast’s mission in the words of just a few of those who have been affected.

Preparation for the ICRC Exam

There is a critical need for addiction and recovery counselors in the community. That’s why InterCoast works so hard to make training available at no cost to students. Our training program goes well beyond the minimum requirements, and we work to ensure that students only have to pay the costs of their books. And once students pass the ICRC exam, we have programs to help them find positions as counselors quickly and effectively.

Hosting Meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous

On Thursday evenings, we open our doors to allow the local Alcoholics Anonymous groups to have their meetings. Our classrooms are opened up to meetings, which include guest speakers and help to keep members on the path to recovery.

Faith-Based Recovery Sessions

On Sundays, Father Martin hosts recovery sessions at the Valley Christian Center. InterCoast is proud to host these services, which help people of faith to experience healing, hope, and community.

Recovery Happens and other community outreach programs

One of the hardest things for people who suffer from addiction is believing that recovery is possible. That’s why InterCoast holds events like Recovery Happens, where we reach out to inform the community about addiction and substance abuse. But most importantly we work to give hope to the hopeless and let them know that, yes, recovery happens.

Union Rescue Mission

The Union Rescue Mission is located in Skid Row, which has some of the highest rates of homelessness in the United States. The Mission works to provide food, shelter, and hope to the homeless of Skid Row. InterCoast is proud to support the Mission with student volunteering and externships, helping to make a difference in countless lives.


Addiction is a serious, ongoing problem in our society. Here at InterCoast, we are dedicated to putting an end to that problem, working on all levels to bring hope, healing, and recovery to everyone who struggles with addiction. Whether through providing education at no cost to students, hosting events to aid recovery, getting into the community, or working to pass legislation to help addicts, InterCoast is always working to alleviate this unnecessary suffering.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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