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7 Great Reasons to Explore the Electrical Trade

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Can you imagine living in a world without electricity? Then you probably can’t imagine a world without electricians. The electrical trade is a central part of modern civilization.

If you’re trying to find a reliable, future-proof job, you’re looking in the right place. In a world that runs on electricity, the service of an electrician is always in demand.

This situation of high demand and the limited supply is why the electrical trade has such high salaries.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or thinking of going back to school, electrical training is a worthy choice. In California, you must choose a school that is approved by the State. And, once you accumulate the required work hours and take and pass the Journeyman test, you will become licensed. But, you can work in the field after you secure your Electrical Training Card from the approved school.

If you’re considering an electrical career but haven’t decided yet, keep reading to learn why it’s a good path.

1. The Pay Could Be Great

electrician schoolElectricians can make solid wages. In fact, It’s the most well-paid job among the construction trades (BLS as of  February 2018). And over the last few years, the pay for electricians has increased. Meanwhile, plumbers and other trades saw a decrease in money.

Plumbers are the second-best trade when it comes to paying, but the gap has widened. Their work is also more physically taxing in general.

The cause for this electrician-favoring economy is a general shortage of skilled electricians. After the recession about a decade ago, many electricians left the electrical trade for greener pastures.

The electricians that remained could then charge more, due to higher demand and a lower supply. America is still replenishing the levels of electrical skills.

On top of this nice paycheck, there are plenty of opportunities for overtime and self-employment on the side. With time and experience, you can advance into a foreman position or other management opportunities.

There are career progressions to choose from for electricians on every path.

2. Training Can be Affordable

What’s even better than the good pay is the fact that it doesn’t take a huge investment to start making money. Unlike the typical well-paid profession, you don’t need to rack up an insane amount of student debt to get started.

Just like many other certifications courses, training for the electrical trade can be a lot cheaper. And you may be able to do paid work while training.

3. Career Opportunities

electrician courses near meThere’s always a need for good electricians. You can find work anywhere. Even if you’re thinking about moving out of state at some point. These skills are in high demand in most places.

This line of business is growing. And there’s not only more work to do, but there’s more different work to do.

You’ll find many ways to advance in the electrical trade. If you work hard and keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities, there may be other career choices. By learning electrical trade skills, you’ll find many uses for them throughout your life. Your help and advice will be valuable and sought-after. And you can cut costs and find side hustles with ease.

Good electricians find that they have a secure, dependable job with a strong salary and many career options.

4. Stimulating, Interesting Work

Handling electrics can be tricky business. You must acquire a solid understanding of electrical diagrams, practical installation skills, and health and safety matters.

If you like hands-on work, the electrical trade is a great option.

While it does involve physical work, it’s not always the exhausting kind that leaves you sore even over the weekends. It’s a nice balance between hands-on work and a calmer pace.

You need to use your wits and come up with solutions to problems. These solutions must comply with local and national standards and regulations.

You may be working on a standard install one day, and the next day you may spend inspecting faults or testing wiring. It’s varied and, at times, challenging work. People who do this work do not consider it to be boring.

5. The Working Environment

how to become an electricianJust like the work, the working environment offers a lot of variety and stimulation.

Some people are fit for sitting behind a desk in one office day in and day out for years. That’s not the kind of people who become electricians.

You’ll be on the move often, in different areas, working in different homes and offices. You may work at a busy construction site one day, and a slower based location the next.

Usually, no two days are the same, as you’re not always stuck between the same walls and the same co-workers every day. Even your business hours may vary.

You’ll get an insight into many different businesses. Because electricity is at the core of all of them.

6. Practical Skills for Life

Electrical skills have many more uses than earning a paycheck. You may never need another electrician again.

Working as a tradesman, you’re likely to build up a friend network of other tradesmen in the industry. By working together, you can do renovations and flip houses. It’s a nice way to supplement that already nice salary.

You can also trade help with various construction workers you get to know.

Since you’ll probably be working at a lot of different workplaces, after obtaining your license, you may acquire all sorts of contacts. You may find a project to work on, they typically need electrical work. Who knows what innovative ideas you can accomplish together?

7. Be Your own boss

If your goal is to run your own business, you’ve found the right trade. Many electricians own their own businesses and take care of the management themselves.

One of the big reasons why the electrical field is so good for independent contractors is the office situation. You don’t need a proper office or rigid location.

You’ll bring your very own office on wheels wherever you go to do your work.

Ready to Explore the Electrical Trade?

As you can see from this article, there are several great reasons to be an electrician.

If you seek a secure, future-proof job with many career options, you’ve found your trade. The combination of moderate hands-on work, different tasks, and a varied work environment means you won’t be bored.

Getting into the electrical trade is a straightforward process, and you may be eligible for financial aid to help you with your tuition costs. Now that is a great reason to explore the electrical trade!

Start your electrical training.

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Isaac Welch
Isaac Welch
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this amazing article I like all 7 points, but I loved to Be Your own boss because most of the people who wants this. Keep doing good work I appreciate your time and efforts.

Thomas peterson
Thomas peterson
4 years ago

I liked that you mentioned that working as an electrician can provide a lot of physical work that is interesting and can be very different in the situations you’re in. I have been considering becoming a residential electrician and have wanted to find out more about the profession. I should see if there is anything entry level near me that I can get started with.

Derek McDoogle
Derek McDoogle
4 years ago

I did not know that electricians can make a solid wage. My nephew wants to follow his dad’s history and he wants to be a handy man. Thanks for the information about how being an electrician can be very attractive for his wallet in the future.

Allen Reiche
Allen Reiche
3 years ago

4 yr college graduates or electrical tradesmen who earns more?
do you need to go to college or apprenticeship to be a tradesman?
when you become an electrical tradesman are you most likely to be college debt-free?
when you graduate from a 4yr college are you most likely to be college debt-free?

3 years ago

 Very nice article. You explained each and every word perfectly.

Michael Cowan
Michael Cowan
2 years ago

Is electrical shock something that i should be worried about in the electrical field.

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