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Career Insight: A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper


It’s time to reevaluate your career path. Times are changing, and traditional 9-5 jobs are a thing of the past. Bookkeepers are leading the way in remote and telecommuting positions.

The future looks bright for bookkeeping careers, too. The payroll and bookkeeping market was soaring high in 2018. It’s valued at a whopping $98.7 billion in the United States alone.

But what does life as a Bookkeeper look like? Let’s take a glimpse at a typical day on the job.

A Day in the Life of Bookkeepers

It takes organization and detail to be a bookkeeper. You’ll be responsible for keeping track of all your organization’s financial transactions. Here’s a look at some tasks a typical day as a bookkeeper may include.

1. Tracking Cash Flow

Each day in a business, cash flows in and out. There are payments received and made. As a bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for tracking them with computerized software.

You’ll need to make regular reports about cash flow to the company managers.

2. Accounts Activity

You’ll enter daily transactions for customer accounts and internal accounts. These transactions include things like sales, expenses, and payments. Keeping track of which account each transaction goes into will be very important.

Another part of accounts activity is maintaining records and files. You will have receipts, invoices, reports, and other documents that get filed away. It may be a physical filing system, or you will scan and file them electronically.

3. Billing

Bookkeepers send out invoices to customers each day. This is how your company gets paid, so it’s a pretty important task. You will need to keep track of when they are due.

4. Reconciling Accounts

Balancing each account will be necessary. This is how you make sure all the transactions are accurate. You will print reconciliation and balance reports for the company managers.

5. Writing Checks

Bookkeepers cut and mail checks to vendors for purchases. These could be for supply orders, services or even office expenses.

They also may do payroll checks for the employees within their company.

6. Communication

Communication is an essential part of bookkeeping. You can see in each of the tasks listed above there is some communication.

You’ll talk to customers, vendors, and even employees within your company daily. You’ll attend meetings and discuss reports about the finances of the business.

You may make calls, write business letters or send emails. This is how you keep track of financial activity in the business.

Bookkeeping – It’s a Great Career

Are you a detailed, meticulous person? Do you enjoy balancing accounts and working with people?

If so, a career in bookkeeping may be right for you. Bookkeeping may even offer you an opportunity to work from home. It’s a fresh career with lots of job opportunities.

Get Started Now

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