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InterCoast Colleges Approved to Offer a Fully Online Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences

InterCoast Colleges Approved to Offer a Fully Online Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences

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InterCoast Colleges, the institution providing associate’s degrees and certificate programs for thousands of students over 35 years, has received approval for the BAS Degree in Addiction Studies.


West Covina, CA, October 1, 2021 – InterCoast Colleges, the institution that’s been providing associate’s degrees and certificate programs for careers in allied health, business, and skilled trade industries for thousands of students in its over 35-year existence, just received approval from its accreditor for the BAS degree in Addiction Studies.

InterCoast President Dr. Geeta Brown shared her enthusiasm for its students. “We are so proud to be one of the few institutions selected by our accreditor to offer a pilot program  Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences Degree in Addiction Studies. InterCoast has been offering education in the field of Substance Use Disorder Counseling Studies since 2003, and we are excited about expanding our scope from certificate and associate’s degree programs to now a bachelor’s program. This program will open up tremendous opportunities for our already successful associates degree graduates who desire to expand their education and specialty certifications in the industry. We know there is a significant shortage in the workforce, and InterCoast will continue to partner with employers for qualified workers. There is no better time to enter the field and help those suffering from addiction.”

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Addiction Studies is designed to grow the professional management skills of the learner and meet the demand for leadership of highly technical professionals in the substance use disorder and mental health treatment workplace. Emphasis is placed on courses that enable students to gain theoretical knowledge necessary for working in the field and applying concepts to meet their occupational objectives. Upon completion of all requirements, the student will be awarded a BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science) Degree.  Students applying for this program will not be eligible to apply for federal student aid. 

The program’s overarching objective is to provide the alcohol and drug treatment field with knowledgeable and skilled counselors eligible to apply for California certification in five specialty areas to increase their employment opportunities in the treatment community. This program provides the necessary knowledge, skill, and attitude development needed to be effective in the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependency and abuse. The potential career opportunities include positions in correctional facilities, disorder treatment agencies, government social services, halfway houses, hospitals, military/veteran’s programs, nonprofit agencies, outpatient/inpatient facilities, schools, and workplace treatment programs.

Also, at InterCoast, you will find other programs offered in four different fields: 

  1. Trade programs:  Electrical Training Program and the HVAC Technician.
  2. Health Care Programs:  Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician.
  3. Business Program:  Business Office Administration Program, Computerized Accounting, and Cyber Security Specialist.  InterCoast also offers two Associate’s Degree Programs in Business and Cyber Security.  
  4. Mental Health and Addiction Counseling:  Behavioral Health Assistant and Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies certificate programs and the Associate’s Degree Program in Substance Use Disorder Counseling.  Now, commencing in November 2021, the institution will offer its new Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Addiction Studies.

For more information about the BAS degree in Addiction Studies and other programs, visit and Contact Us to apply for any of our educational offers.

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Name: David Brown

Organization: InterCoast Colleges

Address: 2235 E. Garvey North West Covina, CA, 91791

Phone: 1-877-227-3377


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