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9 Careers to Pursue with an Associate’s Degree in Business

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According to recent data, as of 2015, only 40% of Americans held an associate’s degree or higher. So, if “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” according to Benjamin Franklin, then why aren’t more Americans seeking higher education?

If you’re not sure that pursuing an associate’s degree is worth the investment, it may be worth looking into what careers are available when you do have one.

Here’s a list of 9 of the most desirable careers you can obtain with an associate’s degree in business.

1. Project Manager

Are you a stickler for an organization? Are you great at meeting deadlines and juggling multiple tasks at once? With an associate’s degree in business, you can put these skills to great use as a project manager.

Project managers are in charge of seeing a project through from beginning to end. They manage all moving parts and keep track of budgets, deadlines, and everyone working on a project.

Project managers create a plan, assemble a team, and make sure everything needed is in place. It’s no simple task, but it’s a satisfying career for those with the right skills.

2. Administrative Assistant

If communications and planning are your strong points, then being an administrative assistant could be a great career fit with a business associate’s degree. Administrative assistants handle just about everything for their employers. 

They create schedules, manage calendars, handle travel plans, host meetings, work on projects, and often write internal communications. 

If you enjoy being a vital asset to your work team, then being an administrative assistant as a career can fit the bill.

3. Accountant

You read that right. With a business associate’s degree, you can receive training to become an accountant. Financial management, planning, and data analysis will all be part of your job.

As the accountant for an organization, you will help your employer get ready for audits. A knack for numbers and affinity for spreadsheets can lead you to a successful career in accounting.

4. Sales Manager

Have a knack for sales? With an associate’s degree in business, you can work as a sales manager. This role can potentially be highly lucrative.

If you have experience and a track record of success in sales, this may be the perfect career for you. Leadership skills are a must.

As a sales manager, you are in charge of making sure your sales team meets their quotas. You’re also responsible for performance reviews and keeping your team working hard.

5. Office Manager

With your associate’s degree in business, you can work as an office manager. This rewarding role will have you doing everything from interviewing new employees to organizing team-building activities.

Office managers are a vital part of a well-run office. In this role, you may be working with managers on yearly budgets. 

You oversee payroll runs, coordinate office events, and more.

6. Specialist in Human Resources

Do you enjoy working with people? As a human resources specialist, you can spend your entire career helping organizations with onboarding, hiring, and training.

You’ll learn how to recruit and select the right new hires. As a human resources specialist, you’re also responsible for continuing employee training.

You get to teach people what their new job entails and make sure they continue to learn as they progress.

7. Supervisor

There are many different kinds of business supervisor positions out there. The general title is broad, but the role can vary greatly depending on where you work.

Still, wherever you work, your role will have some of the same basic responsibilities.

You are the connection between the management and employees. This means it’s up to you to instruct and communicate with the employees.

Your job will have you conducting performance reviews. You’ll be approving any time off, handing out and managing deadlines, and other employee responsibilities. 

As a supervisor in an organization, you are also responsible for educating employees on company policies and rules. 

8. Customer Service Supervisor

Great customer service means turning the other cheek, keeping your cool, and understanding people. If you enjoy working with others and meeting the needs of those around you, then a customer service supervisor is right up your alley.

Not only are you in charge of making sure your customer base is happy and treated well, but you are also training others on how to do the same.

You manage your team of customer service providers and act as the go-between with management. Your role is also important in setting goals with management that keep customers happy.

9. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers have a fascinating and diverse career path. There are numerous directions a career in civil engineering can take you.

Some examples include planning city layouts, roads, stop signs, crosswalks, tunnels, and more.

You can enter the private or public sector. Helping plan, design, and build systems and infrastructure are the main parts of your job description.

You can even work on projects dealing with water supply or sewage treatment. This is a great career choice for those interested in city planning.

Get Your Associate’s Degree in Business Today

If you’re still wondering whether investing time and money in obtaining an associate’s degree is worth it, the answer is: yes!

The job options and salaries for those with an associate’s degree are far greater. 

If you’re ready to broaden your horizons and secure a career you’ll love, contact us today. You can also browse our list of classes and degree opportunities to see what fits best for you. Happy learning!

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