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What Careers Can You Pursue With an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration?

As of March 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were roughly 11.3 million job openings in the United States. There are many different careers to consider. You may consider obtaining a business administration associate’s degree to assist you in advancing in your career.

One may find several career paths when thinking of what to do with an Associate’s Degree (AAS) in Business Administration. Continue reading to find out what you can do with an AAS in Business Administration!

Project Coordinator or Project Management

A project manager is in charge of a project from start to finish. They typically oversee logistics, workers/employees, budgeting, deadlines, and different moving parts. They may create plans and ensure that all the criteria are met to complete the project.

This is a good path for those who are organized and keen on multitasking. With an AAS in Business Administration, you may find that you can flourish in this or a similar role. Some employers require additional training in project management, such as certification, to obtain a position like this.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant can be found in various industries, from healthcare to finances. They are responsible for internal communications, schedules, and hosting meetings. They may also manage their employers’ calendars, travel plans, and other essential projects.

You could benefit from being a skilled communicator and well-organized in an administrative assistant role. Obtaining an AAS in business administration could help you build on these skills. In addition, it can teach you vital lessons about how to operate in different business environments.

Sales or Customer Service Management

As a manager, you can oversee a team, maximize revenue for your employer, ensure goals are met, and coordinate with other managers. These positions will depend on your work experience. Some employers require additional experience. If you enjoy working with people and customer service, you may want to enter this type of work after graduation.

Account Representative or Account Executive

Handling specific clients is the core function of an account representative or executive. As the name suggests, you may be in charge of a varying number of clients’ accounts. This is typical to ensure that the company meets its needs and serves as the main person of contact if any issues arise.

These jobs are typically a part of the sales or finance department. Therefore, you may need sales, accounting, or other job-specific skills.

Office Manager

Office managers are the foundation of a well-run business. They may be responsible for interviewing new hires, team-building activities, organizing office events, keeping the office stocked, and working on budgets, depending on the organization’s needs.

With an AAS in Business Administration, you could land yourself in this position. This may be a good path for people who are highly-skilled communicators and organizers.

Human Resources

A human resources (HR) position requires its team to deal with personnel needs in a business. They may recruit and hire new employees, oversee training, evaluate salaries, handle employee benefits, and work on retention strategies.

A career in HR relies heavily on the ability to work with other people. This career path may be excellent if you love coordinating and working with others.


Supervisors are present in a variety of industries and businesses. The roles can vary depending on what type of employer you will be working for and what position it is. These are some basic responsibilities that you could expect.

A supervisor is essentially a middleman between managers and their employees. You may be responsible for training, communicating, and managing deadlines. You may also approve time off and coordinate employees.  Like in other positions you may seek, supervisor roles are often identified within a team of those with strong work ethics and good skill levels, so you must work on these skills to move into a supervisor role.

Customer Service Representative or Supervisor

The role of customer service and supervisor is to assist potential and existing customers. You may be expected to ensure that customers are happy, train customer service employees, set goals, and communicate with management.

In this position, it’s important to be even-tempered and have high communication skills. In any supervisor role, leadership skills and ability are also must-haves.

Earning Your Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

These are just a sampling of the business administration jobs you could seek from this degree, depending on your work experience. An AAS in Business Administration has the potential to open up many doors for you. It’s a chance to decide which path you want to take from here!

Whether unsure of what you want to study or decide on an AAS in Business Administration, we’re here to help. Contact us to find more information and get started on your application.

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