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“I reached out to Angie Gash, I think that was maybe August as kind of when we began our interaction and it’s been fantastic ever since. So I kind of lead point on the communication with InterCoast receiving resume banks as we call them directly from the various campuses. It works well because we have locations where InterCoast has campuses, so we’ve been able to pipeline students through resume banks.

From there, we were able to pass it off so that we could have better oversight of where all of these candidates were going. So there’s a Northern California representative and a Southern California representative that take point was EMG and really pipeline these candidates to our Hiring Managers and open positions.

Past that, I think that it’s also very important that from what we are seeing, we are also able to give feedback, if we would like to see individuals that have specific soft skills, or if whatever we are or are not seeing, we’re able to give that feedback directly to the Institution and we see that adjustment in the resume banks that we receive. So again, nothing but good things to say about the partnership, and we’ve been very impressed with the candidates that we’ve employed this far.”

Taylor From Tesla Human Resources