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“We love the students, the candidates that we get from your program. They have a solid background with the PV hours and electrical training. They’re perfect candidates for our residential PV installed team.

When we first started working together in July, we were actually filling roles for Solar Roof between Los Angeles and San Diego. We brought on many, many candidates, I think close to 20, or maybe even more at the time,

That was on our Solar Roof Program, which is similar to our Solar Panel Program; instead of panels, they’re solar tiles, solar glass tiles, they’re new to the Solar Family. And recently, I myself have brought a couple of strong candidates to our residential PV installed team.

And I have to tell you; my GMs love the InterCoast candidates. They love them. They come in, and they’re ready and willing to learn. They want to learn more, and as I said, they have the basics knowledge of what’s needed for the installation team. “

Sara From Tesla Human Resources