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Why An Electrician Certificate is a Good Investment

Why An Electrician Certificate is a Good Investment

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Learning a trade can be an empowering and life-changing decision. One of the most attractive benefits of trade-related occupations is job availability. In your area, there will likely be a need for an electrician, plumber, or auto mechanic.  

These jobs are important. A crucial part of having a trade-related job is proper education. To build a strong reputation in the industry, you want to participate in comprehensive training. 

With an electrician certificate, you can show your knowledge to employers and customers, and by graduating from an approved California school, you will be qualified to work in the field. Continue reading to learn why an electrician certificate is a wise investment. 

What Is an Electrician Certificate?

An electrician certificate is given for completing an electrical technician training program. 

An electrician certificate is not a certification. To become a professional electrician, you will need to receive an Electrical Trainee card from the California issuing agency, the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Division of Industrial Relations (

The agency will issue the card to students or graduates who attend an approved school.  When you graduate, you will submit your enrollment verification forms and application to the agency, verifying that you are attending or have completed an approved training program that qualifies you for the card. 

What Does an Electrical Technician Training Program Entail? 

An electrical technician training course will teach you about the trade and prepare you to be an entry-level trainee or electrician. You will learn about central standards and procedures related to the trade. 

Core content may include: 

  • Electricity and power distribution
  • Safety
  • Electricity code requirements 
  • Proper wiring requirements (residential, commercial, and industrial)
  • Electrical theories

Why is an Electrician Certificate a Wise Investment?

There are many reasons why an electrician certificate can be a wise decision. Below we highlight a few. 

1. Employee Attractiveness

Employers want to hire knowledgeable electrical trainees. To join an electrician team, you will need a firm foundation of the trade and industry standards. With a certificate from a state-approved training program, you may be a more attractive candidate in the eyes of employers. 

Employers will ask for verification for your Trainee Card and ask that you keep it on you while working in case of any inspection or request from the vendor hired by the contractor firm. 

  1. Confidence in the Trade 

With the appropriate training, you can feel more prepared for trade tasks and challenges. The training program will provide hands-on experience and teach you how to handle various situations. 

With any occupation, challenges and unexpected issues will arise. In the training program, you learn the tools of the trade. Understanding how to wire and perform electric-related tasks will give you the necessary knowledge to tackle many challenges you will face. 

3. Help in the Certification Process

Enrolling in an electrical technician training course will prepare you for licensing. There are multiple stages to earning an electrician license.

A critical factor in receiving a license after training includes verification of work-related employment and passing an exam offered by the State of California. The number of hours required depends on whether you seek a commercial or residential license or another related license. The knowledge you acquire in a training program can be helpful for license examination, as you will learn about safety, electrical codes, and more. 

4. Electricians Could Make a Good Living 

Electricians have the opportunity to earn liveable wages. Electricians have attractive job security since the occupation is considered an essential trade. 

According to CareerExplorer, the average electrician salary in the United States in 2021 was strong nationwide.  California wages were also strong, according to (

Taking an electrical technician training course does not promise a specific salary range. However, with competitive training, technicians often find more attractive job opportunities regarding working conditions, advancement opportunities, and salaries. 

5. A Lasting Investment 

Continuous education about upcoming trends and regulations is indeed important for electricians. However, the foundation that technicians receive in early training can leave a lasting impression. 

The knowledge gained from an electrical technician training course will stay with you throughout your career. It is important to enroll in an approved training program that will lead to examination preparation and then licensure if this is your ultimate goal. 

6. Make Connections

You will be able to meet new people and make meaningful connections during the training program. You and your classmates will get to know each other as you collaborate on lab projects. It is common to make friends in school, and this would be no different in your electrical program. 

Networking is thought of as a critical element of any business. The people you meet in a training program may help grow your career. Of course, this is not a promise, but the people you meet may greatly impact you and your career. 

What Are the Next Steps In Becoming an Electrician?  

After completing a training course and obtaining your Trainee Card, you are ready to work in the field.  You can receive valuable experience by working alongside a licensed electrician. To become licensed, you will need to complete approximately 8,000 hours of work in California (depending on specialty) and pass the Journeyman examination. 

By the way, students who complete the InterCoast Electrical Training Program are qualified to sit for the Journeyman examination. Once you complete your hours, you will be qualified to take the Electrical Journeyman exam. After passing the exam and completion of your required hours (around 8,000 depending on your specialty), you qualify to submit for your electrical license. 

How To Apply for an Electrical Technician Training Course 

InterCoast Colleges offers a California state agency-approved electrical training program. Earning an electrician certificate will require hard work and dedication, but it can benefit you greatly. 

You can contact us directly to learn more about the training course and how to apply to start a promising career.