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InterCoast Colleges offers a new scholarship for students who begin classes on July 1, 2020, or later. The “It Pays to Graduate” scholarship application is available immediately on the institution’s website. Students are asked to apply within the first 30 days of their enrollment. Students from all programs offered by the institution may apply for the scholarship.  For more information about the careers available, go to

InterCoast Colleges offers an “It Pays to Graduate” scholarship for incoming students who started classes July 1, 2020, or after.

“The mission of the scholarship is to provide tuition assistance to qualified individuals enrolling for the first time with InterCoast Colleges. All certificate programs offered at InterCoast are eligible programs,” says Annamarie Lopez, the institution’s Director of Student Affairs. “The ‘It Pays to Graduate’ scholarship was created to encourage students to excel academically in their program leading to the successful completion of their chosen program and ultimately the support to obtain employment in their chosen profession.”

For the Scholarship, InterCoast Colleges encourage students who have financial need to apply as soon as they enroll.  The scholarship requires students to maintain continuous attendance throughout the program. Students must apply within 30 days of their enrollment. It is only for students who began attending after July 1, 2020. 

Students who receive the “It Pays to Graduate” scholarship must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA. They must meet a minimum of 80% attendance. These students must maintain continuous enrollment.  Although the scholarship requires students to perform 9 hours of community service to be eligible. Students who do not meet the requirements can expect to pay back the balance owed to the institution when the scholarship becomes null and void.

The programs at InterCoast offer flexible schedules with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes. The small teacher/student ratio provides more opportunity for one-on-one time with faculty and/or academic mentors. InterCoasts campuses are placed in convenient locations. Online or hybrid schooling is an option for most programs when you choose InterCoast.

Career services assistance is available for all graduates through InterCoast Colleges. InterCoast Colleges offers programs in medical, business, trades, technology, and cybersecurity. The programs will prepare you to be job-ready for entry-level employment in these in-demand fields.

InterCoast has an Associate’s program for Cyber Security, Substance Use Disorder, and Business Administration. InterCoast provides several Certificate Programs, including Trade Programs, Health Care Programs, Business Programs, and Mental Health & Counseling Programs. InterCoast certificate programs include:

InterCoast Colleges has a passion for educating students and helping them achieve their career goals. Students are assigned a student success partner to help students who may be having difficulties or need additional support.  

Aside from becoming knowledgeable in your career choice, you will walk away from InterCoast feeling prepared for any entry-level job in your field of training.  Students report feeling confident in their success with the support and motivation they get from their faculty.

Learn more about InterCoast Colleges and the “It Pays to Graduate” scholarship on their website at

About InterCoast Colleges: The central mission of InterCoast Colleges is to provide associates degrees and certificate programs for careers in allied health, business, and skilled trade industries and prepare students to meet employer expectations for entry-level employment. InterCoast strives to support a culturally diverse learning environment for its students. Each program shares this mission.

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