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Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Make a Career Change

Our careers are a huge part of our lives and they take up a lot of our time. The average person spends around 92,000 hours of their life working. With so much time spent at work, it’s important that we actually enjoy the work we do. There’s nothing worse than dreading your work day and...

Vocational Schools

How to Choose a Trade School That Suits Your Needs

Congratulations on your high school graduation! Have you decided what to do with your future? Vocational school is becoming a popular choice among graduates and others looking to pave a new career path, especially with the cost of college climbing. But what is a vocational school, and why should you consider it? Let’s take an...

how to find a new career

How to Find a New Career and Live Happily Ever After

We’ve all taken that job that was meant to be a stepping stone just to have it turn into a tombstone. Paychecks are so addictive, that before we know it, we’re stuck. When you have dependents, it’s scary to even consider leaving and pursuing something else. Sometimes, we need to be scared. It’s motivating. When...