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Career Insight: A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper

It’s time to reevaluate your career path. Times are changing and traditional 9-5 jobs are a thing of the past. Bookkeepers are leading the way in remote and telecommuting positions. The future looks bright for bookkeeping careers, too. The payroll and bookkeeping market is soaring high in 2018. It’s valued at a whopping $98.7 billion...

what can you do with a business administration degree

What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

“Would you like fries with that?” is not what you want to be asking after the completion of a degree. The problem is, many degrees are too specified and only allow work in that sector. Many other degrees aren’t really functional in the working world. How do you prevent this problem? By earning a degree...

computerized accounting

Top 5 Benefits of Taking a Computerized Accounting Course

Accounting is growing faster than most industries. If you’ve ever wondered how you might get into this quickly growing field, a course in computerized accounting might be the answer. Computerized accounting is using the advantages of computers to streamline accounting in an accurate, efficient way. It is used by businesses around the world both big...