Should I Go Back to School? 11 Signs You’re Ready

Should I Go Back to School? 11 Signs You’re Ready

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The question is bound to run through your mind at some point: “should I go back to school?”

It’s a difficult one to answer, seeing as everyone you talk to will have a different opinion about whether they went to college or not. Whether you are someone who tried college out and decided to revisit it or you’re feeling like that high school diploma might not do the trick, we’re here for you. 

Should I Go Back to School? A Few Signs That You’re Ready

We’re going to discuss 11 signs that you should go back to school. They may not all apply to you, but any number of the items on this list could be enough to get you motivated to enroll.

Let’s get started:

1. You’re at a Dead End

The primary reason that people attend college is to take steps out of their current situation. You may have had some grand plans that didn’t pan out, and that’s totally okay. 

Attending college is a great way to carve out a new path when the current one seems to be running short. Take a look at your next five years–are you going to be at a place you’re happy with? 

If the answer is no, you may be ready to try your hand at school.

2. You’re Restless

Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Are you getting irritated with your situation and the people around you? Want to jump ship and leave town?

These may be signs that you’re restless and you need something to put your energy into. School is a very productive outlet for that kind of feeling. 

3. You’re More Responsible

It’s absurd that young adults are expected to leave the house and enter a world full of hard deadlines and high expectations. School is expensive, and running the risk of blowing it all because of irresponsibility and partying is unwise. 

If you’ve got a few years of adulthood under your belt and you can handle your responsibilities, that’s a great sign that you could be very successful in school.

4. Your Pockets are Running on Empty

While many people talk about going to school only to be jobless, there are certain programs with extremely high job-placement rates. 

With a little research and planning, you’ll find that there are affordable programs that will get you a job quickly and start padding your pocketbooks shortly after graduation. 

5. You Have a Passion

If you have something that you’re truly passionate about, why not take that skill to the next level?

Whether you have an interest in creating art, designing furniture, or researching specific subjects, there’s no reason not to pursue your passion. It takes a few years for adults to find what they’re really interested in, but there are programs to take once you find your area of focus.

6. You’ve Already Started

Sometimes, actual life steps in the way and we have to put our academics to the side. Many people have to drop out after a few years and thousands of dollars-worth of study. 

If you have the credits in place already, why not go back and finish them off? While it may be expensive now, that’s an investment that will certainly pay itself off in the long run. 

7. You’re Excited to Learn 

If you’re actually interested in learning again, that’s an excellent sign. Most people consider school to be something that is stressful, difficult, and burdensome. 

When your brain is getting pumped about sitting down to learn, that means you’re going to be engaged, successful, and happy.

8. Your Troubles Have Slowed Down

If you dropped out, it’s likely that you did so for a good reason. Maybe you were having financial trouble, your mental health was waning, a relative died, or something else. 

Take a look over the areas of your life and see if you’re in a situation that would allow space for college again. If so, try your hand at going back. 

9. You’re Having a Child

A child can really throw a (beautiful) wrench in our long and short-term plans. You may be doing fine on your current hourly wage, but a salary with insurance benefits is a lot better-suited to support a child or two. 

There programs at technical colleges that take fewer than one or two years to complete, and lead to reliable, well-paying jobs after graduation. 

10. You Can Afford It 

If you’ve found yourself in a better financial situation than you were in your late teens and early twenties, it may be a good time to consider investing in yourself. 

Remember, going to school is not only about financial gain. It’s about personal satisfaction as well. When you can comfortably afford to go back to school, you can explore your options more freely and pursue your passions to the fullest.

11. You’re Ready to Move Forward

This is kind of a vague idea, we know. It holds true, though, that there are some points in a person’s life when they’re ready to take whatever steps are needed to move forward. 

Maybe you hate your job and you know that you’re worth more to the world than what you’re currently putting out. It could also be that your current employer won’t promote you until you have additional certification or accreditation. 

More likely, though, is that you’re sick of selling yourself short. When you know that you’re capable of doing more with your life, putting your best foot forward, and making enough money to support yourself comfortably, you should do whatever you can to make it happen. 

Need a Little Help?

So, we hope we gave you enough insight to help you with the “should I go back to school” question. If the answer is a resounding “yes,” you may need a little push getting through the particulars of enrollment. 

We’re here to help. If you need information or help to get back into school, explore our site for the resources and inspiration you’re looking for. 

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